What We Liked At The Marmots Pote Festival!

We Liked At The Marmots Pote Festival!

Check-out time for this high-alpine Potes de MarmoT’s festival in Guillestre! A few kilometers from home, I was amazed by the organization of this festival that really made the package to please children! And for us, parents, having followed all the day, our children on the various activities chosen by their care, we were not disappointed! Here is what I enjoyed in this festival and that comes out a little out of the ordinary in my Hautes-Alpes Consumer-friendly workshops adapted to children Over 3 days, we tested no less than 6 workshops Cow milking and…

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What Are The French Doing And Going For The Holidays?

What Are The French Doing And Going For The Holidays

At the time of departure for the summer holidays, I propose to discover what are the habits of the French. Where are they going, what are they doing? Will you recognize these numbers, or not at all? Do you go off the beaten path or do you conform to others? Some figures about the French habits on vacation: * These figures and the infographic that follows are from a survey of 1000 people by Auto Europe . To go on vacation the French average 2,589 km and spend 1,768 euros. The average budget is reduced compared…

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