Santoni for Nourishing and Hygienic Pizza and Beer

Santoni for Nourishing and Hygienic Pizza and Beer

Good food is always good for the body and there is no better place to get good food in Hawthorn than at Santoni.  This is not like every other restaurant you have come across; this place is a divinely appointed place for top quality pizza and highly satisfying beer.

The menu is something worthy of attention, same for the quality of customer service.  You can drop by one of these days to have a taste of the great pizza being made here, and you will be hooked by the good foods undoubtedly. This is one restaurant that knows how to excite your taste bud and make them feel lively again.

Ease of accessibility

The location of this restaurant is one of the features that make them stand out. They are located at 634 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn, Victoria.  You can get to their restaurant via any of the public transports around, be it a taxi, a train or tram. Their doors are ever open to welcome you, and their smile is ever ready to make you feel at home.

Furthermore, they have provided several means of contact on their website so that you can get in touch with them wherever you are in Victoria, Australia. If you cannot drive down to their restaurant at Hawthorn to make inquiries, you can also send them an email, and they will reply without delay.

Better still, you can give them a call for an instant response. Their phone lines are always open, and they always sound professional on the phone so that you can be well informed instantly about their various services.

Their customer care agents are friendly and will attend to you professionally while also showing a high level of courtesy.  Santoni is big enough to serve you and small enough to know you.

Home delivery

If you want your pizza and beer to be delivered at home, you can trust Santoni for top quality home delivery service. If you are looking for pizza places that deliver near me in Hawthorn or Victoria, you should consider none other restaurants than Santoni. The order process is very easy; give them a call, tell them your order and where to deliver the order. The delivery personnel will be knocking at your door in no time to deliver the order. The fast delivery service is just one of the several features that make this service provider the best among other restaurants operating here in Hawthorn, Victoria.


Santoni has got the professionalism and expertise to excite your taste buds in a way no other restaurant has ever done. They also offer one of the best customer services around, and their chefs are among the best in the hospitality industry. You will enjoy every moment you spend here and will undoubtedly want to come back for more.

World’s Largest Food Multinationals

World’s Largest Food Multinationals

Everyone fancies some delicacies once in a while and ends up at a store to choose which honourable nominee will end up satiating the sweet tooth or inside the tummy. While there are many out there who will not even touch a pea because it is of a different brand, some do not care as long as it is… food. The world has known numerous food companies that strive to become the customer’s favourite ones through the years. Are you intending on going shopping this week? Make sure to keep an eye out for these top food companies known as the largest Food Multinationals of the world!

It is All About Nestle!

Nestle has a lifelong reign over the food industry, especially when sugar is the element of attraction. If you had to describe the food company in simple words, it will indubitably be sweets or chocolate or even the mother of mallows! This company has been at the top for many years, grossing more than $90 billion in revenue on April 2017. If you have an insatiable sweet tooth then you might be a fan of Nestle and a contributor to its revenues. On the Global 2000 of 2017, Nestle ends on rank 34 with its fabled cocoa! Well, it’s no mystery that Nestle is indeed a delight in the mouth… Why not seize the opportunity to try that creamy milky bar of Nestle? So close you can almost taste it!

Coca-Cola & Co.

If you had to rank the best soda in the world, without any doubt, Coca-Cola will end up on rank one. With a revenue of over $46.9 Billion, Coca-Cola has a long-lasting legacy of sizzling special events with its presence. Not only is the company one of the leading in the beverage industry, it is well-rated for its land-management and practices. It supports and sponsors many causes addressing women inequality and female empowerment. Good Guy Cola! You can be having the most boring supper ever but as soon as that refreshing Coca-Cola glass enters the scene, it is bound to go down your throat!

The Best Of The Best – Ferrero SpA

You might be trying to assume why it is named Ferrero SpA and not only Ferrero. Well, SpA stands for Società per Azioni which means a joint-stock company. As soon as you hear Ferrero, you visualise the scent and velvety feeling of Nutella or even the crispy and hazelnutty Ferrero Rocher! True since this company has not only excelled in producing high quality chocolates but is also the third biggest chocolate producer in the confectionery industry around the world. The company has released a huge assortment of deluxe chocolates including pralines like Raffaello, Mon Cheri, and Pocket Coffee. No festival is complete without Ferrero!

Fresh Veggies? Visit Dole

For some fresh and juicy fruits, it is right this way! Dole is the world’s leading vegetables and fruit supplier with $4.5 Billion in revenue last year. As the food company has been providing America with the best quality of veggies and fruits since 1851, it has indeed grown old tending the farms. The company markets different genre of berries; banana, grapes, strawberries and also offers frozen fruits and vegetables. Dole has founded the Dole Nutrition Institute that emphasises on nutritional research and education. Do not wait to take a big bite of the juicy fruits! Even if you do not have some at home, you can always have these marvels digitally on some amazing slots at Aspers Online Casino. With themes like Food & Fruits, the zesty entertainment is guaranteed!

A Step on The Chocolate Planet of Mars

Nope, it is not the actual planet we’re talking here. Mars Incorporated is the food processing company that has given birth to delicacies like Bounty Bars, Twix, Snickers, M&M’s and plenty more! Having engrossed more than $33 Billion in 2015, the company has inscribed its name as the 6th largest privately own company and a global confectionary manufacturer. Got pets? Rest assured, Mars also manufactures Pet food like Pedigree to satiate the cravings of your dear companion as well! However, it’s a fact, there is no way that you are going to end up on a Pedigree treat in a bag of M&Ms. Well, let’s hope so…

Have you tried one of these popular brands today? Check in your kitchen, promises are that you will definitely find one of these in your cupboard.

Major Types of Rice Used In Tamil Cuisine

Tamil Cuisine
  • Polished white rice

It is not a well-known fact that the common polished rice which is called as ‘white rice’ by many is a fairly modern phenomenon. Many Tamilians remember the trend in which white rice quickly overtook varieties of unpolished rice for the sake of its perceived quality as well as its neutral taste. The fact is that polished rice cooks faster than unpolished rice and also complements many of the traditional accompaniments for rice like Sambar and Rasam. The best known Tamil version of polished rice is Ponni rice. The Andhra version is SonaMasuri rice. Polished rice is however bereft of some key rice nutrients.

  • Brown rice

In Madurai, you can find a type of brown coloured rice called as Kai KuthalArisi which means hand pounded rice. The morsels of this rice are larger and chewier, resembling Arborio rice used to make Risotto in Italian cuisine. The key difference is that only the outer shell of the rice paddy is removed, such that the bran remains intact. It provides no variation in calorific value but makes a big difference in important nutrients like Vitamin B6, Niacin, Phosphorous and Magnesium. The low Glycaemic Index of the rice makes it ideal for diabetics. But it takes slightly longer to cook. This rice is very good with Rasam, Sambar and also to make Idly/ Dosa batter.

  • Palakkad Matta rice

This rice is grown mostly in Palghat region of Kerala, very near the Tamil Nadu border. This rice represents the traditional Kerala varieties of par-boiled rice or red rice. This coarse variety of red rice is rich in Magnesium, Calcium and Vitamins. Nutrients are retained in the ‘par boiling process.’ This rice is also used in Sri Lanka. It can be used in rice based dishes like Appams and Idlis.

  • Biryani rice

The Biryani cities of South India have rice in common-small grain fragrant rice. Rice called as Seeraga Samba rice is the main ingredient in Dindigul-style Biryani. This rice derives its name from Jeera(known in Tamil as Seeragam) because the small, ovular grains have a strong resemblance to cumin seeds (jeera). This rice is cultivated mostly in the Samba season (usually August to January) and used for making veg biryani in tamil cuisine. This rice is also widely used in making the traditional Biryani of the Malabar region of Kerala. Here it is called as SeeragaSala rice or Kaima rice. Majority ofsmall grain fragrantvarieties tend to be polished rice, lacking nutrients found in brown rice.

  • Black rice

Unique to the Chettinad area in Tamil Nadu, black rice is popular all across South East Asia and is a rich source of Vitamin E and Iron. The black rice content of bran hull provides one of the highest amounts of anti-oxidants like anthocyanin, found in any type of food (more than even blueberries).

These are the main types of rice used in Tamil cuisine.

Some food to Give to Afternoon Energy Boost

tandoori roti recipe

You know the feeling. Shoulder area sags forward, your eyelids weigh more than paperweights, you’ve read and again go through the same phrase seven times in a row…it’s the terrifying 3 p.m. downturn, and your options for a simple pick-me-up feel few and far between. You’re terrifying your office mates. Try not to get shot. Instead, you slug another cup of caffeinated drinks, only to find yourself being restless at late night, the cycle beginning again the following day.

A clean piece of fruit and an amount of nuts could be perfect: healthier, with fast energy, and so portable.You will be pleased to hear that we should stay away from certain kinds of clean fruit. “The carbohydrates and glucose in clean fruit are organic;” Orange, apples and grapes are all delightful food to be in your food chart.

Necessary smooth bread that is just beautiful with every Indian curry, this roti is made in a tandoor, giving it that sharp, smooth and delightful stove taste that works like a dream. You should check tandoori roti recipe in Hindi for more information.

Roasted edamame

Peeking in own units, this favourite energy-boosting food is very rich in fibres and very rich in proteins.” To make this crazy, soft treats, simply unfreeze freezing shelled edamame legumes, throw with olive oil, sea spice up and sodium, and cook on a cooking piece at 375°F for 30 to 40 moments, mixing every 15 moments until the legumes begin to dark and sharp up.

Baked dark vegetable or lentil snacks

Having a laugh Cow spreadable dairy products pitching wedges could sound strange, but dairy products and snacks is a great combination for energy. The cooked snacks are loaded with proteins and fibres, and the having a laugh Cow Mild spreadable pitching wedges feature 7 tastes and 35 calorie consumption each. Try the Mild Queso Fresco & Chipotle taste. Spicy can awaken you up. For more foods loaded with fibers,

Low-fat candy dairy

You could be pulling because you’re dried. Sometimes, something cold and relaxing is all you need. For that purchases Organic Valley’s individual drinks.

Greek organic yogurt and clean fruits

Go for the low-fat, not non-fat, edition of this go-to treats. You want that little bit of fat for energy with endurance.

Grapefruit pitching wedges and bungalow type dairy products

Again, opt for the healthier body fat from low-fat (2% milkfat) bungalow type dairy products. Pair satisfying information with grape clean fruit pitching wedges for an instant pick-me-up, complimentary of the proteins in the bungalow type dairy products, grapefruit’s organic carbohydrates, and the fragrance of lemon or lime that immediately awakens up your feelings.

Yasso Frozen Ancient Yogurt Bars

You can’t go wrong with a sweet treat that also battles the desire to fall asleep under your desk. The minty taste awakens up your feelings, and you’ll get an energy boost from 13g of glucose (a lot of it comes naturally from the lactose, she says), and endurance from 6g of proteins, but all with only 100 calorie consumption.

A Raw Fish Recipe Directly From Tahiti

A Raw Fish Recipe Directly From Tahiti

Once again, a big thank you to Sandra, who welcomed us so warmly into her house with her husband Keté and their son manutea during our stay in Maupiti, a beautiful island of the archipelago of the company, near Tahiti.

Sandra has worked for several years in catering and is not short of cooking recipes, and this time, during a trip on a private motu to taste roasted lobsters on the beach, she took the opportunity to share her recipe of Tahitian raw fish .

Ingredients for Tahitian raw fish recipe (for 4 people):

  • 300 g of white fish with fairly firm flesh
  • 1 cucumber
  • 2 medium-sized tomatoes
  • ¼ yellow or white onion
  • ½ c of finely chopped ginger
  • 2 limes (lemons)
  • 2 fresh coconuts to draw the milk (grate the fresh coconut and squeeze it strongly into a tea towel to make the milk out) or if not 2 bricks of 200 ml of coconut milk
  • Salt pepper

The Tahitian fish recipe is very simple to make, and as is often the case with any raw fish recipe, most of the dish lies in the freshness of the fish. and in Tahiti, the good fish, it does not miss.

Go ahead, go!

  • Cut the fish into 1 cm cubes.
  • Wash the cucumbers and slice them finely.
  • Cut the tomato into small cubes.
  • Finely chop the onion.
  • Finely chop ginger.

Mix everything, season with salt and pepper and add the coconut milk.

You can then reserve the dish cool, and add the lime juice just before serving.

This raw fish recipe is self-sufficient, combining the freshness of raw fish with the exoticism of coconut milk.

To taste is succulent.

Put some Polynesian music in the background, close your eyes and you will quickly feel in the middle of the atoll of Tahiti.

Old Beloeil, The Gourmet Getaway Near Montreal!

Old Beloeil, The Gourmet Getaway Near Montreal

Are you in Montreal or you are without a car and would like to explore the surroundings of the city otherwise? Visit Vieux-Beloeil for its greedy side thanks to these 10 addresses tested and approved!

Unusual Montrealers and often underestimated, the South Shore is full of gourmet restaurants and shops that deserve to be discovered. I have visited a few over the years, but often by necessity or proximity, rarely planned, I admit. When I was invited to a gastronomic tour of Vieux-Beloeil recently, I knew only one of the 9 addresses visited. I came back really surprised and well rounded belly. Here are my findings …

The Little Bara

Wrongly, I never think of the South Shore for dinners with friends or lovers, or even for gourmet brunches. I’m sure many others are like me. It’s a shame, because the quality of the ingredients was at the rendezvous and the owners of the most friendly, not to mention affordable addresses or beautiful locations at the edge of the water that we would not find at home! In addition, it is not so far from Montreal (see below for directions)! Take advantage of the Montérégie outing to combine a day at the mountain or the orchard with a brunch or dinner in this charming old neighborhood.

Difficult not to branch off the entrance to the counter filled with various chocolates at the Chocolaterie du Vieux-Beloeil ! We come for lunch, brunch, dinner or just for a coffee and a chocolate dessert. Not able to choose? I fell in love with the waffle covered with bananas, all covered with caramel from the house. If you are looking for a Christmas gift idea, go to the shop before you go! Caramel will definitely be part of my gift basket this year.

I visited Old Beloeil under a blazing sun, an ideal context to savor the sweet, salty and icy delicacies comfortably installed on the terrace of the Simplement St-Laurent . Everything is better in an Adirondack chair, wrapped in a cozy blanket, mouth full of flavors! I spoke to you more about this address here: Coup de cœur: Simply St-Laurent in Old Beloeil .

The Hyphen is getting a new look with a rejuvenated team of new associates. It is not today that the restaurant is talking about him, especially for its green terrace. The platter of cold meats placed in front of us has enough to confirm our impressions: it’s good and pig !

The Petit Bara Bistro

Excellent timing after so much meat: we go across the street to Le Petit Bara , vegan bistro. Even carnivores will be seduced by the variety of colors and aromas that emanate from carefully prepared dishes. I particularly like the front garden where the herbs and vegetables used in the kitchen are grown in the sight of customers. This is the first time that I was remixing tempeh as good as the one I had tasted in Malaysia!

10 My Foodie Experiences In Thailand

My Foodie Experiences In Thailand

Thailand is a perfect place for gourmands, both for the prices and the variety and richness of the gastronomic culture. Wondering what to eat in Thailand on your next trip? I told you about it in Thailand, a paradise of foodie and also in gastronomic activities in Southeast Asia, a gourmet delighted! , but I wanted to share with you my best moments “yum” in the land of Smile that I recommend all the time!

What to eat in Thailand?

Dish eaten most often

I ate a Thai pad literally every day for five weeks in Thailand with my boyfriend. Pathetic? Obsessive? A bit of all that. I had never tasted this dish before setting foot in Thailand, not even the version of Thai Express. From the first day, I ordered a shrimp version and fell in love with it. Even after several years of returning home, I am still bored of my daily Thai pad at the corner bunny. The best? The one at the corner of Soi 6 near the popular arch of Chiang Mai!

A modern Thai pad cooked in my class at Baipai School

Traditional Thai pad cooked at Noi in Kanchanaburi

A 25-cent Thai pad at Bangkok’s local market

The most foodie city in the country

Bangkok is full of markets, restaurants and street food kiosks. It is the ideal place to discover Thai gastronomy. On the other hand, my favorite city for culinary discoveries was Chiang Mai, especially because of its Saturday and Sunday Night Market where it is possible to taste dishes that we did not see in Bangkok, which we enjoyed even more.

Dumplings with undetermined content

Green mango with chili dip, salt and sugar

Green mango with chili dip, salt and sugar, a classic snack

Little bites unknown

Juice served in bamboos

Some sausages for the road

Best sweet dish

It’s really hard to choose, because everything we tasted had a touch of originality, sometimes unknown, but I would say that the palm goes to small sweet-salted coconut crepes filled with a layer of imitation meringue / marshmallow, folded like a taco, which we bought at the Chiang Mai market without really knowing what taste was waiting for us. Absolutely MAGIC!

Best salty dish

Well, I would probably say Thai pad, but you’re going to throw stones at me or treat me obsessively, so I’ll go for my second favorite dish: the spicy pomelo salad. What taste! The juicy side of the grapefruit with the spiciness of the peppers and the sweetness of the pork or beef, depending on the location. A perfect mix when it’s hot (that is to say permanently!).