If you are thinking of requesting a loan to purchase a real property, you need to know how much your notary expenses on a mortgage. It should be noted that this is a cost which is generally assumed by the applicant, and therefore it is necessary to pay it along with the other initial expenses that it generates.

Why is a mortgage loan required?

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The notary is the act of registering any transaction by public deed before a notary. In this way in the ground legal security is provided to the operation, bell that is the same of the public acquaintance, and the corresponding registration falls down.

The parties involved in the transactions generally go to the notary on a voluntary basis, for the sake of legal certainty in the face of future claims. However, when the operation derives from the granting of a mortgage, it is legally required to carry out the notary.

Luego, in the case of mortgage credits, is the very law that generates the obligation to go to the notary.

It is noteworthy that the notary’s function is to comply with the norms of public order that regulate the formalities of the acts and contracts. And, as it is derived from it before expuesto, give the authenticity and publicity to the same. Therefore, the notary needs a public function, acting in representation of the Peruvian state.

How much are notary expenses on a mortgage?


The notary expenses associated with the mortgage credits are in the range of 800 and 1,500 soles, depending on the notary. Whether or not the amount of notary spending depends on the rate that the professional applies to the notary of the transaction.

It is important that you are from now on that you have the power to choose with which you would notice to work. It is only possible that the credit institution will work with you in particular, the final decision is yours. You can, for your sake, select to work with the one that suits you best, in terms of logistics and cost.



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