Take The field In Gourmet Quebec

Take The field In Gourmet Quebec

You would like to visit agritourism producers, farms or gourmet addresses in Quebec, but does it intimidate you a bit? You do not know where to start or how to organize? Which establishment to select or which food to discover? Would you like to go gang? Just take the field!

You remember last year when I introduced you to a blogger friend’s book, Take the Field ? Julie, the most gourmet nutritionist I know, has just launched events that, like her book, offer agrotourism outings to discover what’s on your plate every day, but in a dynamic way. accessible in addition to being delicious!

Ideas for gourmet outings in Quebec

With Julie as a companion, you will have one-on-one agri-food encounters with passionate and varied producers and you will spend a tasty day in the most beautiful corners of Quebec.

Even if I will not be able to participate for a few months, I wanted to share with you the next getaways, because in my opinion they represent the best of what Quebec has to offer: people who look at us with shining eyes while they prepare us or present fresh and healthy ingredients that we know the provenance of the field at the table … Yum!

June 4th: Take the field with HappyFitness at Ferme Cormier / LANAUDIÈRE | Field training · farm salad bar · farm tour · U-pick of asparagus and rhubarb

June 17: Take the field with Caribou | Theme: Producing differently / TOWNSHIPS + MONTÉRÉGIE | Visit of 3 farms presented in the magazine Caribou · lunch on the farm · visit of an organic vineyard · tastings at each of the 4 stops · raclette dinner over a wood fire

August 6: Take the field with Pascal the butcher (Ye! It’s my butcher Villeray!) / Details to come.

Around a café in our neighborhood, Julie told me the first outing that took place recently and I was really jealous not to be able to participate in the following. It even gave us tracks for possible collaborations …

Here are the pictures of the last event around asparagus, to give you an idea:

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