The Ultimate Health Mantra for Women

Women these days are as active as men and thus they face stress, bad effects of pollution, and eat at odd hours of the day because of the work pressure. Smoking has also become a common practice. Due to all these factors, most women are facing the risk of various diseases and although intelligent ladies prefer to visit a doctor every couple of months, you must admit that doctors hardly speak with the patients for more than 5 minutes. You may not have enough time to tell him/her all the complications you have and also the consultant may not be able to provide you a detailed health routine in such a short time. Here are the health guidelines that will ensure a lifetime of wellness.

Get rid of stress: Hectic schedules, work-personal life balance, deadlines, late night work and lots of other factors increase the stress level of women. Stress can cause serious damage to your health, from heart disease to infertility; anything can happen if you can’t reduce stress. Each person has a different stress reduction method, some prefer yoga and some prefer listening to music. Whatever helps you deal with stress, find it and stick to it.

Dieting is not good: The secret behind a fit and toned body is not dieting, it’s healthy eating. Your daily meal should contain a perfect balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and fiber. Should you avoid your favorite wine or chocolate cake? Not at all! You can eat those, but not more than a glass and not more than a slice. It is all about maintaining a balanced intake of various food items.

See a doctor for a better sex life: If you are sexually active and not married, then it is better to be safe than sorry. When you have multiple partners, it is essential to know that you are not infected by any sexual disease such as syphilis or gonorrhea. Take an HIV test at least once every year and if you need any help regarding Elisa data interpretation then consult your doctor.

Calcium is good, but don’t consume too much: Most women are ignorant of the fact that too much calcium in the body can increase the risk of heart disease and kidney stones. If your age is 50+ then 1200mg of calcium per day through diet is sufficient and women below 50 should not exceed 1000mg per day. You can eat salmon and almonds and drink milk to get your regular quota of calcium.

Plan your pregnancy: While many people have doubts about the side effects of birth control medicines, the reality is birth control is not a bad thing. Not only it prohibits accidental pregnancy, it also protects women from ovarian and uterine cancer. However, after a certain age, your fertility decreases rapidly. In fact, your fertility may start to decline as early as you turn 32. Therefore, if you wish to have a kid at a later stage of your life, consult with your doctor about the options you have, such as freezing your egg.


Healthy eating, regular exercise, and standard 8-hour sleep are essential for good health. Try to enjoy life and see your general physician time to time so that you can lead a long, disease free life.

Author Bio: Roger Wilson is a gynecologist and a part time professor in a medical college. His articles on Elisa data interpretation are posted on numerous journals and he is considered as an expert on HIV medicine.

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