Top Most Visited Cities In The World In 2017

Top Most Visited Cities In The World In 2017

If when I travel I often search for authentic destinations out a little off the beaten track, I must admit that some of the most visited cities in the world have sacred assets of seduction. Big hyper connected hubs, gateways to continents, business centers, hyper modern cities, cultural, etc. These destinations are not so touristy by chance!

I propose you to discover the list of the most visited cities of the world. To establish this ranking there are two possibilities of reliable sources. The ranking established by Master Card which lists the cities where tourists spent at least one night. The ranking of Euromonitor, which to him counts the number of entries in the city. These two rankings are valid, but I chose the ranking of Master card which seems to me more relevant and with more recent figures. Indeed, in the ranking of Euromonitor are also counted people in transit or coming for a business meeting spend only half a day in the city.

10.2 million tourists

A destination that rises, it seems that Seoul is a very nice city, no wonder the even so good place in this ranking. South Korea is one of the countries in Southeast Asia that is experiencing very strong growt

11.7 million tourists

Certainly one of the cities that impressed me most during my half-world tour with my family in 2013-2014. A gigantic city (one of the largest in the world) yet so calm and so clean. A culture apart, gastronomy to fall, a hyper modern architecture alongside ancestral places. This city is simply amazing. To go further, I propose you to discover all the useful information to travel to Tokyo and to read ”  Japan extreme country with a unique culture in the world

11.95 million tourists

Istanbul is a city at the crossroads, between West and East. Moreover the city is “multi influenced”! I loved the discovery of the latter during my stopover between Paris and Bangkok. A very rich culture and history, a gastronomy of very good quality, low prices, this city has everything to please. To find out more I invite you to read: ” Istanbul a very good surprise close to France “.

12.02 million tourists

Kuala Lumpur is the largest city and the capital of Malaysia. It is a privileged point of passage to enter and leave Asia. The city itself did not really seduce me. I have largely preferred Malacca more authentic. Many tourists only spend a day or two in the city before bouncing back to their final destinat

12.11 million tourists

Singapore, state city, is a hyper modern city and a very big business center in South East Asia. When I visited the city in 2014, I was struck by the cleanliness of the place, which really contrasts with the rest of Asia. In some neighborhoods it’s almost like being in Europe!

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