What Are The French Doing And Going For The Holidays?

What Are The French Doing And Going For The Holidays

At the time of departure for the summer holidays, I propose to discover what are the habits of the French. Where are they going, what are they doing? Will you recognize these numbers, or not at all? Do you go off the beaten path or do you conform to others?

Some figures about the French habits on vacation:

* These figures and the infographic that follows are from a survey of 1000 people by Auto Europe .

To go on vacation the French average 2,589 km and spend 1,768 euros. The average budget is reduced compared to 2016 by 12% and the French are right in the European average. The biggest spenders being the Swiss, followed by the Austrians.

No surprise, the vast majority of French looking sun during the holidays. They spend a little less than 3 hours a day sunbathing and join the beach on the stroke of 13 hours.

To care they read on average 2.4 pounds and are connected a little less than 3 hours a day to their tablets and phones. note that 49% of French people do not publish anything on social networks during their holidays!

Side food, the French is loose during his holidays and I know what I’m talking about (+6 kilos in two months of travel). 41 glasses of alcohol consumed over a period of 15 days. 4 out of 10 who do not pay attention to what they eat. 20% who eat 500 more calories a day compared to their habits at home.

Regarding z’amours 43% of French people take advantage of this summer period to have intimate relationships.

During the holidays the French get lost on average 3 times, also fight 3 times and complain about the heat 9 times!

And you ?

french infographics on vacation

Where are the French going during the holidays?

The French go mainly in France!

And yes, the hexagon is on the rise! About 80% of French people go on holiday in France.

Ho surprises, 80% of them target areas near the sea or the ocean. The West Coast has been in the queue  for a few years and this trend is confirmed in 2017. About 35% of French people who go to France choose the West Coast for their holidays. The Mediterranean (including Corsica) also attracts a lot of French (just over 30% of French people who go to France).

The 10 most touristic cities of France:

If the sea attracts a lot in summer, some French cities are also assailed by visitors (many foreigners, but not only). Attention, these figures are for a full year and do not necessarily reflect the summer attendance.

# 1 Paris (more than 30 million visitors each year).
# 2 Lyon (7.2 million visitors)
# 3 Lourdes (6.9 million visitors)
# 4 Toulouse (6.5 million visitors)
# 5 Nice (4.2 million visitors)
# 6 La Rochelle (4 , 1 million visitors)
# 7 Honfleur (3.5 million visitors)
# 8 Strasbourg (3.4 million visitors)
# 9 Mont Saint-Michel (3.3 million visitors) # 10 Bordeaux (3 million visitors) visitors)

Other cities attract a lot of summer like Marseille or Carcassonne.

Where do the French leave abroad?

For 60% of French people who move abroad it will be in a European country, most often neighbor. Spain (20% of French tourists going abroad) is still well ahead of the French’s favorite destinations. Greece, Italy and Portugal also attract many French tourists.

The Maghreb (mainly Morocco and Tunisia) attracts less than in 2010, even if these destinations are experiencing a slight revival of interest. This region of the world will be visited by 11% of French people who go abroad.

Asia attracts 9% of French people who go abroad. And interesting thing habits tend to evolve. The Burma attracts more than Thailand .

Some “authentic” destinations attract the French, such as Cuba, Colombia and Iran.

The United States attracts less, the fad of the last few years is getting a little bumpy and the Trump election has clearly negative consequences for US tourism.

Sub-Saharan Africa and South America are clearly the regions of the world that attract the least French tourists.

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