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Listing mortgage financing is a process that requires a lot of effort, dedication and time, resources that in the present time are very valuable. Fortunately, nowadays you have services and tools that on the ground facilitate this process, but it allows you to obtain a response in the record time. The continuation indicates you where to quote a mortgage .

If you have the need to quote a mortgage, you can choose from the following options:

  • Reach out to different financial entities, and interview with your service advisers.
  • Apply a credit calculator simulator.
  • Go to a mortgage broker.

With security and your first choice, that’s the same as the traditional way of facing this problem. The continuation expands you in what consists of the rest.

Simulator the credit calculator


This is an application, downloadable or online, which emulates the quotation of a mortgage. To put it in some data, the program will generate the most important parameters related to the requested credit. Keep in mind that in order to correctly enter the data and properly interpret the results, some very basic knowledge about financial economy is required.

To implement a simulator is a stupendous option when you carry out a preliminary study to decant by a group of available options. For this reason, many of the Peruvian financial institutions offer their own credit simulators. Also, as you will see below, on this portal we offer our own credit simulator.

Mortgage Broker

Mortgage loan

A mortgage broker is a specialist who advises clients on the application of mortgage loans, including the most appropriate option for me. In most cases, obtaining a broker’s advisory will result in you having some cost, and your service will be canceled by the granting institution.

Where to quote a mortgage?

mortgage loan

The best place to quote a mortgage is fair credit on the Good Lender portal. Without an additional cost, we will give you the following services:

  • Mortgage Credit Simulator: Use our simulator to emulate the credit rating of the most important banks in Peru.
  • Mortgage broker service: In Good Lender we offer you for free, the mortgage broker service.



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