Why And How To Travel Light My Travel Checklist

One of the lessons I learned from my first great trip around the world

One of the lessons I learned from my first great trip around the world is: “What you will bring you will wear it”. Looking back, I think I was a little crazy. Between my 75-liter backpack and my 35-liter waterproof backpack, it’s more than 20 pounds of useless equipment and clothing that I’ve been hanging with me for almost a year. Finally, I did not use half of what I wore! Since then, traveling light has become an important goal when preparing for my travels .

Whether you’re going on a 15-day vacation or a 2-year world tour, just ask yourself, “What do I really need? “

Why travel light?

I like to think that one learns from one’s mistakes. With experience, I realized that during my travels I did not use much. I will try with this article to convince you to do the same.

I know you like lists, so I offer you a first list of good reasons why you must travel light.

Some good reasons to travel light:

# 1 What you bring, you will wear it.

# 2 You will not spend your time unpacking and then repacking.

# 3 You will not be afraid of being robbed or damaged.

# 4 You will spend less money on useless things to equip you.

# 5 You will be more free of your movements. To move you will not be congested. Walking will not be a torture!

# 6 You will avoid questions about the weight of luggage at airports.

# 7 You could even avoid wasting time waiting for your luggage in the hold.

# 8 You can be bolder in choosing your accommodation. A bag too heavy you would sometimes accept a room not terrible not to have to drag it another half hour.

# 9 You will not be bothered to use cheap local transport (often crowded).

# 10 You will enjoy the essentials better without cluttering the superfluous.

# 11 You can bring back more memories, or whatever you want from your travels.

# 12 You will not break your back, believe me it’s nice!

# 13 Etc.

photo taken in the street where we stayed in Tokyo in March 2014

Have I convinced you? Will you travel lighter? This list is only there to help you realize that traveling too heavy has only disadvantages. Of course, we could find many other good reasons to travel light, this list is not exhaustive!

How to travel light: my 10 commandments:

The idea is not to travel “naked and cheeky”, though, I will try to give you some tips to minimize the weight of your luggage.

to pack light

# 1 Take a smaller piece of luggage:

This evidence is yet the essential starting point to lighten you on a trip. Who says little backpack, also says no superfluous. As long as to try to take a light luggage.

# 2 Invest in quality light equipment:

Often a little more expensive initially, you will not regret it later. If you have a passion for travel, your equipment is an investment in time. And then, if you travel light you will only spend money on essential equipment. So you can invest a little more and a little better.

# 3 Go to the basics:

When traveling you do not need much. Some clothes that correlate with your destination, your ID, some toiletries and your connected equipment. It will surely fit your travel list to your destination, but go to the basics and remove the superfluous.

# 4 Buy on the spot what you would have forgotten:

Around the world you will find what you may need. On our last trip to Thailand, voluntarily we left empty. Of course, I can not say the same return, with two days of intensive shopping in Bangkokbefore returning.

# 5 Equip yourself with versatile business:

Today, everyone knows the zip pants that turn into shorts. In the same spirit, you can take a universal adapter to replace all your chargers. You can use a soap that does everything: laundry, body, hair (some even use it to wash your teeth). In short, be imaginative!

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