Why Must I Go To Austria My 8 Good Reasons

I Go To Austria My 8 Good Reasons

Austria, however, not so far from home, is a country that we rarely put on our “to do list” when we live in France. I really think it’s wrong and I’ll explain why. Since the travel bug took me in 2013, it’s true that I, the first, dream of destinations that are often far away. But my road trip to Europe with my family really subjugated me and showed that our old continent shelters a lot of treasures to discover absolutely.

You have 4 solutions to go to Austria according to the corner of the country you choose. And the journey time will vary from 2 hours to 18 hours depending on whether you use the plane, train, car or bus (and depending on your final destination). In relation to Thailand , Argentina or Australia it is not much. And most importantly, the cost of transportation will weigh much less in your holiday budget.

If you are traveling alone this will surely be the best compromise cost / journey time. Count around 120 euros on average for an AR Paris Vienna. 150 euros for an AR Paris Graz and 215 euros for an AR Paris Innsbruck. It is also sometimes possible to get tickets at discount prices including for Vienna (around 60 euros AR). You can search for your airline tickets on a flight comparison  !

Certainly, the trip will be longer, but you will enjoy the view, a good price (around 45 euros a ticket from the station of the east or the quai de Bercy in Paris). And you can also take a night bus and save a little money on accommodation. Count between 15 and 18 hours all the same.

The train

You can go to Innsbruck in less than 8 hours for 40 euros, Vienna for 60 euros in just under 11 hours or Graz for 80 euros in 13 hours. It is a relatively economical and comfortable way to reach Austria.

The car

If, alone, the car is not very profitable to move, if you leave with family or between friends, it remains a very good solution. Count between 9 and 14 hours of next road where you go to Austria. And between 150 and 200 euros for the journey (highways + gasoline). In addition, travel by car to the advantage of allowing you to make a few stops on the road in France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Austria (depending on where you come from).

  Gastronomy in Austria

Being French, we will have trouble finding a kitchen that can compete with ours anywhere in the world. However, the Austrian food is very good. It will take you at least a week to taste the different specialties of the country (and double to eliminate everything).

For example, try a Viennese schnitzel ( Wiener Schnitzel ) all over the country. Where to try the specialties of the region that you will visit.

In Tyrol : try the Speckbrot, or the Tiroler Gröstl (fried potatoes sautéed with onions and meat, seasoned with parsley, marjoram and a fried egg) ). I’m salivating just thinking about it.

In Vienna : eat an excellent Tafelspitz (it’s a variation of the pot au feu with spinach and horseradish).

The list is still long … To deepen you can have a look at this article  or this one .

Not to mention the desserts … The Austrians are fond of cakes of all kinds. The paradise of gourmands. The best known Austrian dessert is apple strudel (Apfelstrudel).

If you want to have fun testing Austrian cuisine I suggest you try one of the recipes of this page .

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