10 My Foodie Experiences In Thailand

Thailand is a perfect place for gourmands, both for the prices and the variety and richness of the gastronomic culture. Wondering what to eat in Thailand on your next trip? I told you about it in Thailand, a paradise of foodie and also in gastronomic activities in Southeast Asia, a gourmet delighted! , but I wanted to share with you my best moments “yum” in the land of Smile that I recommend all the time!

What to eat in Thailand?

Dish eaten most often

I ate a Thai pad literally every day for five weeks in Thailand with my boyfriend. Pathetic? Obsessive? A bit of all that. I had never tasted this dish before setting foot in Thailand, not even the version of Thai Express. From the first day, I ordered a shrimp version and fell in love with it. Even after several years of returning home, I am still bored of my daily Thai pad at the corner bunny. The best? The one at the corner of Soi 6 near the popular arch of Chiang Mai!

A modern Thai pad cooked in my class at Baipai School

Traditional Thai pad cooked at Noi in Kanchanaburi

A 25-cent Thai pad at Bangkok’s local market

The most foodie city in the country

Bangkok is full of markets, restaurants and street food kiosks. It is the ideal place to discover Thai gastronomy. On the other hand, my favorite city for culinary discoveries was Chiang Mai, especially because of its Saturday and Sunday Night Market where it is possible to taste dishes that we did not see in Bangkok, which we enjoyed even more.

Dumplings with undetermined content

Green mango with chili dip, salt and sugar

Green mango with chili dip, salt and sugar, a classic snack

Little bites unknown

Juice served in bamboos

Some sausages for the road

Best sweet dish

It’s really hard to choose, because everything we tasted had a touch of originality, sometimes unknown, but I would say that the palm goes to small sweet-salted coconut crepes filled with a layer of imitation meringue / marshmallow, folded like a taco, which we bought at the Chiang Mai market without really knowing what taste was waiting for us. Absolutely MAGIC!

Best salty dish

Well, I would probably say Thai pad, but you’re going to throw stones at me or treat me obsessively, so I’ll go for my second favorite dish: the spicy pomelo salad. What taste! The juicy side of the grapefruit with the spiciness of the peppers and the sweetness of the pork or beef, depending on the location. A perfect mix when it’s hot (that is to say permanently!).