Sightseeing and Tourist attractions in Mumbai

Sightseeing and Tourist attractions in Mumbai

Mumbai, the glistening city of Bollywood packed with glamour and dreams is the must-watch place of India. Rich culture, arts, and beach define this commercial city which makes it the most flamboyant city of India. This metropolitan city remains crowded with tourists who come here for several reasons. Numerous facilities – 24×7 public transport, auto – rickshaw and taxi make the city safest to travel even during the night. Late night parties in pubs and clubs are the usual scene of the Mumbai, this stunning lifestyle of Mumbai attracts the majority of tourists towards it. This city also offers numerous options for shopping lovers – malls, shopping complexes and streets all together give the tourists world-class shopping experience that they will not find anywhere else in the world.

Attractions to explore and things to do in Mumbai

You can explore here historic monuments, temples, beautiful gardens, beach, theme park and do adventurous sports. There are numerous hotels in Mumbai where you can find your stay and it ranges from luxury to budget hotels. You can start your tour from the most famous landmark of Mumbai, Gateway of India. The Gateway of India is situated on the south side of the city which was constructed in the memory of King George V and Queen Mary’s stay to India in 1911. It was planned by George Wittet who completed the construction of a monument in 1924. The architecture was impeccable of its own kind and it resembles the India gate which is situated in Delhi. It is the favourite spot for tourists and its picturesque scenes have also attracted many film-makers towards it.

Mumbai Beach fun

Another attraction of Mumbai is Chowpatty Beach which is the most well-known beach in India. The tourists come here with their family and enjoy a large variety of street food that is available here. This place is a boon for photographers who come here to click the sunrise and sunset over the beach. The beach also provides kid’s rides and several games for them. The beach observes a lot of crowds especially on the eve of Ganesh Chaturthi where everyone comes here for Ganpativisarjan. Versova Beach is another widely popular beach in Mumbai. The beach is surrounded by fish markets which serve the fish demand of whole Mumbai. You can enjoy various water sports that are available here.

Theme parks and temples in Mumbai

Mumbai has several theme parks. AdlabsImagica is the latest most popular theme park which was opened in 2013. It was built by Adlabs Entertainment Limited owned by ManmohanShetty who is the famous businessman and a renowned film-producer. The theme park is divided into different zones of attractions according to the place-specific rides and restaurants namely Arabia, Americana, Jambo Africa, Viva Europa, Asiana, and India. The people can enjoy different rides, live performances and meet several cartoon characters. Water kingdom is another theme park in Mumbai which was owned by famous company namely, Essel Group of Companies. You can explore here thrilling water rides that are loved by various tourists. You can also visit various historic temples like Babulnath temple, Mumbai Devi temple, and HeydevdeMahalaxmi temple etc.

5 Most loved touch with Kerala tour package

Kerala tour package

When God created the world, it was predominantly Nature that ruled. It was a time when men strived to make his mark. And now that he has, time has come to a full circle; he wants to be the slave of Nature once again even if his schedule doesn’t allow him. This is when it’s time to get a Kerala tour package and be in the God’s Own Country where still Nature has a considerable interference in the human life and lifestyle.

To be in the closest touch of the Nature and its residents, Kerala welcomes you to its 5 most loved and thus frequented National Parks, Wildlife and Bird Sanctuaries. Don’t worry; the size of the forest area would never let you feel being crowded.

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

Besides having birds and a beautiful setting amidst nature, you have Kavanar River and Vembanad Lake to enjoy the most in the bird sanctuary spread over 14 acres. Managed by the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation, here birdwatchers can have a great time looking for migratory as well as some local birds. You can also choose to ride a house boat just for the purpose of bird watching. Anytime between June to Aug and November to February is great; the latter is the time for migratory birds.

Located in Thekkady of the Western Ghats, the reserve is mostly frequented in the hopes of seeing tigers but with fewer days in hand tourists often have to face disappointment. But for those who have safari on mind, every moment in the lush green forest is full of excitement. Sighting numerous birds and variety of animals is quite natural, especially elephants with their immediate and extended family members. Even elephant safari is a great idea in Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. Have fun riding boats in Lake Periyar after which this haven for animals is named.

Kerala tour

Eravikulam National Park

Another Western Ghat star for the nature lovers is Eravikulam National Park, the land of Neelakurunji, the flower that takes 12 years to bloom. Highest peak of South India, named Anamudi, is also one of the attractions. Earlier a hunting preserve meant for the amusement of the erstwhile British. You can also see the tea plantations in Iddukki. The endangered species of Goat, Nilgiri Tahr is also found here in maximum number. So plan a good amount of time to really see the place and enjoy.

eravikulam national park

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Ever known of Giant Grizzled Squirrel? Well, most people researching on the wildlife of Kerala would know this by now having read a lot about these. They are endangered species and could be seen only here in the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. The flora of the place consists of thorny scrub in the deciduous forest which can serve as a perfect place for the trekkers among the tourists. Elephants, Hanuman Langurs, Spotted Deers, etc can be seen here.

chinnar wildlife

Silent Valley National Park

Most of the words used while describing any national park, like tropical evergreen rain forest, are scientific but the interesting thing to know about it that you would have a great time here if you are a nature lover and value your time being among natural water bodies (like the perennial River Kunthi), animals, birds and the kind of silence unique to the forest.

So if want to get the most of the wild aspect or to be specific, wilderness, of the God’s Own Country, get your Kerala tour package designed by the expert or have extensive research.

Some food to Give to Afternoon Energy Boost

tandoori roti recipe

You know the feeling. Shoulder area sags forward, your eyelids weigh more than paperweights, you’ve read and again go through the same phrase seven times in a row…it’s the terrifying 3 p.m. downturn, and your options for a simple pick-me-up feel few and far between. You’re terrifying your office mates. Try not to get shot. Instead, you slug another cup of caffeinated drinks, only to find yourself being restless at late night, the cycle beginning again the following day.

A clean piece of fruit and an amount of nuts could be perfect: healthier, with fast energy, and so portable.You will be pleased to hear that we should stay away from certain kinds of clean fruit. “The carbohydrates and glucose in clean fruit are organic;” Orange, apples and grapes are all delightful food to be in your food chart.

Necessary smooth bread that is just beautiful with every Indian curry, this roti is made in a tandoor, giving it that sharp, smooth and delightful stove taste that works like a dream. You should check tandoori roti recipe in Hindi for more information.

Roasted edamame

Peeking in own units, this favourite energy-boosting food is very rich in fibres and very rich in proteins.” To make this crazy, soft treats, simply unfreeze freezing shelled edamame legumes, throw with olive oil, sea spice up and sodium, and cook on a cooking piece at 375°F for 30 to 40 moments, mixing every 15 moments until the legumes begin to dark and sharp up.

Baked dark vegetable or lentil snacks

Having a laugh Cow spreadable dairy products pitching wedges could sound strange, but dairy products and snacks is a great combination for energy. The cooked snacks are loaded with proteins and fibres, and the having a laugh Cow Mild spreadable pitching wedges feature 7 tastes and 35 calorie consumption each. Try the Mild Queso Fresco & Chipotle taste. Spicy can awaken you up. For more foods loaded with fibers,

Low-fat candy dairy

You could be pulling because you’re dried. Sometimes, something cold and relaxing is all you need. For that purchases Organic Valley’s individual drinks.

Greek organic yogurt and clean fruits

Go for the low-fat, not non-fat, edition of this go-to treats. You want that little bit of fat for energy with endurance.

Grapefruit pitching wedges and bungalow type dairy products

Again, opt for the healthier body fat from low-fat (2% milkfat) bungalow type dairy products. Pair satisfying information with grape clean fruit pitching wedges for an instant pick-me-up, complimentary of the proteins in the bungalow type dairy products, grapefruit’s organic carbohydrates, and the fragrance of lemon or lime that immediately awakens up your feelings.

Yasso Frozen Ancient Yogurt Bars

You can’t go wrong with a sweet treat that also battles the desire to fall asleep under your desk. The minty taste awakens up your feelings, and you’ll get an energy boost from 13g of glucose (a lot of it comes naturally from the lactose, she says), and endurance from 6g of proteins, but all with only 100 calorie consumption.

Andolasia With 6 Months Old Baby Travel Diary Of The Chrissed Family

Andolasia With 6 Months Old Baby Travel Diary Of The Chrissed Family

Here is the story of Chrissand, who tells us about his journey in Andalusia with his baby e 6 months. What give us ideas for a family trip to Spain.

Can you introduce us, give us the age of the children during this family trip and the year of the trip to Andalusia and its duration?

We are a 30-year-old couple with a 21-month-old boy . In 2011, during our 2 weeks Andalusia trip , “mini Chrissand” was only 6 months old .

How did you prepare for this trip with your children and how did you travel?

Prepare your trip at the best price
  • Equip yourself
  • Book your flight 
  • Book your hotel with swimming pool
  • Your hotel tested and approved
  • Your custom family circuit

We first took a map of the area and selected the cities we wanted to visit. We have defined a route taking into account downtimes every 2 hours maximum for baby comfort (meals, walks, naps …)

We traveled by car to keep comfort, always for baby.

Where did you sleep in Andalusia? Do not hesitate to share with us your good addresses?

We stayed most of the time in cheap hotels or sometimes in small hostals, small rather family-oriented hotels, right in the historical heart of the cities visited .

>> All our accommodations in Spain tested and approved

Do you have good places to eat? And how is the food for children? Is it adapted to their taste? 

We have often eaten in small restaurants along the roads or in the heart of small villages or sometimes even in the city center.

By cons, for the evening, as baby began its nights at 19h and we did not want to disturb during his sleep, we opted for sandwich meals in the hotel rooms! Every day, we bought local products (raw ham, cheeses, pasta …) in a grocery store or sometimes in a supermarket.

At the age of 6 months, our son had already started the food diversification and we opted for a reserve of small pots in the trunk of the car. So, it was not complicated for him, because we had only to warm his pot. And for milk products, infant milk yoghurt versions can be stored at room temperature just like milk powder.

What climate did you have in Andalusia? What kind of clothes do you need for this trip?

The Andalusian climate is rather dry and hot in summer . Temperatures can reach 45 ° C see more. This period should be avoided if you want to visit the area, especially with children.

We prefer to leave late April / early May because the weather is nice at this time: we had an average of 25/27 ° C.

Like any trip, you have to plan a bit of everything because you never know. Provide light clothing for warm days (shorts / t-shirt), warmer clothes (pants, sweater and windbreaker) for more cloudy or rainy days. And above all, a good pair of shoes to visit without hurting your feet! 

Did you use any travel accessories or special equipment for the youngest (stroller, backpack, other …)

>> To find your baby and child travel accessories, here it is

We took the stroller to walk around without having to carry baby all the time. Baby napping the day either in the stroller or in the baby carrier (when it was not too hot!)

For meals, we had planned a removable high chair (the 4 feet stand out) and this accessory does not take up too much space in the trunk of the car. It is quite convenient in restaurants that do not necessarily have chairs and then for baby, it was a real treat to be seated at our table.

We still took the bed umbrella because in some hotels there was none.

What did you visit with your family during this trip to Andalusia? How did you organize the days with your children?

First of all, we applied ourselves to respect the rhythm of baby: Baby slept, ate, took the bath at the usual hours …

We drove during his nap hours , which is why we chose cities within 2 hours of each other.

At this age (6 months), the days are easy to organize because baby sleeps a lot. We can do almost anything we want.

We visited the cities of Jaén ,  Cordoba , Carmona, Seville, Jerez de la Frontera, Ronda, Malaga, Marbella, Granada and Baeza.

We walked the historic centers, on foot , we visited many palaces, gardens …. We took our time.

What is your best memory of this family trip to Andalusia?

The learning to walk on all fours ! Every night, while we were writing everything we had visited during the day to write our travel diaries , baby was playing on the hotel beds and trying to catch us, after 15 days of travel, baby walked on all fours !

Which sites do you recommend to see or what activities are absolutely necessary with children in Andalusia?

In Andalusia, historical tours are usually ancient palaces, gardens, or other monuments that may not appeal to young children. 

On the other hand, we visited the City of Sciences of Granada and this place was full of children of all ages (from young children to teenagers …).

What did you dislike (visit, way of travel, atmosphere …)?

Overall on this trip, we were not disappointed. The only constraint was to respect the baby hours and it is true that in the evening, we would have liked to go out, to see the Spanish nightlife. But you had to choose!

Have you had some “galleys” and if so which ones?

What precautions did you take to visit Andalusia  with children (health, sun protection, what did you put in the pharmacy kit.) ?

Mandatory pharmacy kit !! Thermometer, chisel, physiological saline, disinfectant, doliprane (supple and syrup), cough syrup, arnigel, arnica, bandages, high protection sunscreen, health book … for baby but also for parents!

We have also asked for the European Health Card from CPAM,   which allows care to be taken care of in Europe. This replaces Form E111. It must be requested for the entire family no later than 1 month before departure. This nominative and individual card is free.

How did you care for children during trips? What kind of toy did they take for this trip?

We basically traveled during nap hours . Upon waking, we stopped to play, eat, eat … Do not forget the music CD infant and why not the DVD player if your children are a little older