All You Need To Know About Taxis And Minicabs In London.

Hiring a taxi in London can be one of the fastest as well as most suitable means of transport from the airport or a station to your accommodation. A taxi can also deliver you home safely, especially at night. Here are a few important tips bought to you by Devon Cars, that you need to know about the world-famous taxis and minicabs in the city of London.

  1. A licensed Taxi

This is a car that has been specifically designed for the sole objective of ferrying paying passengers. Taxi services are normally controlled by the local government, through the mayor’s office. Taxis are normally found at designated taxi ranks.

  1. Hailing a taxi

Other than getting your taxi at the designated taxi ranks, you can call a taxi while it is on the road by simply raising your hand so that the driver can see you. This is what is referred to as hailing a taxi.

  1. When A Taxi Can’t Stop

If it is busy, the taxi will not stop and the light on its roof will most likely be off. It will also not stop if there is no safe spot to make a stop. Taxis are also not allowed to stop on any road that painted with red lines on its edges.

  1. Taxi Carrying Capacity

A greater number of taxis are only allowed to carry a maximum of four or five passengers. In places, you may find larger taxis with a carrying capacity of seven or eight people. People can also hire a coach or minibus in order to accommodate bigger groups.

  1. Minicabs

A minicab is some kind of private hire car. It is normally licensed by the local authorities, precisely the mayor’s office. However, it physically looks like any normal unmarked car. A bigger number of minicab firms are reliable and safe, though one should always choose carefully.

  1. Booking Minicabs

Minicabs need to be booked in advance. One can make an order for a minicab over the phone or even from just outside the firm’s office. Minicabs are prohibited from picking clients directly off the road. Travelling in a minicab that you have not booked is dangerous since you will not be protected by the car’s insurance cover. Also, in case the car doesn’t have a meter in it, it is advisable that you agree on the fare before the journey begins.

You are always better off booking a minicab in advance especially when you need during busy times like after 11pm when most pubs begin closing down. Other busy times include unusual times like early in the morning or in December when you are likely to have many Christmas parties ongoing. You may also be needed to book well in advance when you want be dropped in a place that is far away like the airport.

  1. Safety

In case a person comes to up to you to inquire whether you need a cab, never accept even if you need one. Some of such drivers may not have proper insurance and what that means is that you will be risking yourself since you will not be covered in case of an accident. Occasional robberies or attacks, by people masquerade as cab drivers, have been reported before. So, it is important to be extra careful especially for women who are travelling alone.