Best Tips For Traveling Cheap So More Often!

Traveling cheap and as often as possible has become a real leitmotiv for me in recent years. With time and experience, I realized that by using a number of tips combined, it is possible to damn reduce the bill. That finally with a reasonable budget one can consider very beautiful trips.

In fact, many travelers do not have the good reflexes to find good deals and do not always know where to start to travel better, further and more often.

I propose you to discover the list of my 10 best tips for traveling cheap.

My 10 best tips for traveling cheap:

This top is not a classification. I organized tips for cheap travel in a chronological way, so that you can follow them one after the other to organize and live your future journey. In a way I propose a method: step by step !

# 1 To leave at the right moment:

good time

The key word is flexibility ! Some times are more conducive than others to travel cheap:

– Travel against the current : when everyone goes skiing go to the sea. Conversely when everyone goes by the sea go to the mountains and summer to the big cities.

– In the same spirit go off periods of school holidays .

– Go during the low season (off-season): in addition to saving you money on the cost of transportation and accommodation you have many other benefits. You will avoid the flow of tourists of the high season and will gain in authenticity. Only downside: the climate a little less favorable.

– Leave and return during the week , concentrate on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!

# 2 Choose the right destination:

Be flexible (again) … Do not block on one choice!

Do not go “ball in the head” with one idea of ​​destination. Make a small list of destinations that you want to discover. Learn about the climate, when the high season and the low season begin, and so on. Do you know for example that in the same place, depending on whether you are in the low season or high season, the price of the night in a hotel room can be multiplied up to 5 times?

Often just before the start of the high season the climate becomes favorable again and prices are still very low.


As far as possible, prefer countries with a relatively low cost of living , off the beaten track, where it is not the peak tourist season and where the euro will make you gain purchasing power. you can for example inspire you from this top of the cheapest destinations in the world very complete.

You can also travel not far from home . You will save a lot on the cost of transport and accommodation. Do you really know your area?

# 3 Buy your plane ticket at the best price:

Buying your plane ticket is one of the crucial moments that you should not miss. It will even be one of the main elements to take into account for the final choice of your destination (budget level)!

Before going on the purchase, I advise you to make a first round of heating! In concrete terms, open three different comparators and start your ticket searches according to the destinations you have preselected. Here we only want to get an idea of ​​prices. This is also a time when you will need to start locating the hubs (and secondary airports) that connect the destinations on your list.

Find at the end of the article the best practices to implement to buy your plane ticket at the best price!

# 4 Compare the car parks to leave your car in a safe place at the best price:

You do not always think about it, but to get to the airport more than half of the travelers use their car. You only have to see the number of cars parked on the long-term car parks near the airports!

Again, I strongly recommend using a comparator to make your choice, in three clicks you are fixed on the parking with the best quality – location – security – price. I propose for example to go through Looking4Parking .

As for the flight comparators think to do your research in private navigation.

# 5 Optimize the cost of transportation abroad:

As soon as you arrive at your destination, you will have to move. Go to your accommodation, visit, enjoy recreation, eat, etc. Each action will require a trip and usually on the move we move a lot!

local transport

– Walking will not cost you a cent , so it’s not stupid to aim for well-placed accommodation to limit your transportation costs.

– Depending on the destination of your choice you will have several possibilities to get to your accommodation. If it’s possible, use the subway or the bus is what will cost you the cheapest. As a last resort and if you have no choice take a taxi.

– If you use a Taxi, always prefer a metric taxi , they will apply the legal tariff always cheaper than a fictitious price fixed at the head of the customer.

– When you visit your destination set road plans to the day to try to avoid unnecessary and expensive round trips .

– Use the same means of transport as the locals . Do not hesitate to ask locals about the best way to get to this or that place.

– Think about renting a car or scooter . This will give you greater autonomy and will not necessarily come back very expensive (moreover if you go through local rental companies). Remember to bring your international license.


This seems obvious to you and yet you can save a lot of money by being strategic on your travels. Money that you can use to make you happy in the leisure, the memories or the restoration.