Careers That Travel with You

Are you always travelling around the world? It must then be difficult to stick to a 9 to 5 job! Luckily, there are different career options that allow you to earn a living without having to compromise on your travels. They are less boring and often more rewarding too. Find below some of the best jobs you can do while you enjoy your trips.


Do you love to write apart from travelling? Become a full-time travel blogger!What can be more inspiring than to visit any part of the world and write blogs based on it?Start by writing short blogs and edit them. With practice and dedication, they can only get better. With time, improve your writing style, the topics you write on and the ways you connect to your readers. You can start writing for free to get a taste of it. But you can also start earning small but regular amounts of money afterwards.

English Teacher

Do you know there are many countries where English is not spoken?If your English is good, you can become an English teacher! During your trips to these countries, organise English classes, even if it is only to introduce them to the language. Teaching English in a foreign country can be very rewarding. Apart from earning a living, it breaks down language barriers and helps you to communicate easily with the locals. It is also a great opportunity for cultural and knowledge sharing. Simply make sure you have an accredited certification to be a teacher.

Work on a Cruise Ship

Want to explore the world in style? Check out the many cruise jobs! While you discover many dream destinations, you can easily earn good amounts of money. These jobs are not only abundant but also very sought after because of good remuneration and other benefits, like free meals and accommodation. It indeed means earning a living while travelling. Make the most of the great opportunities provided with jobs like restaurant server, shop clerk or performer, especially if you have a special talent.

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Government Related Jobs

To be able to travel across the world, consider a Government related position.For instance, take up a degree course in International Relations, which allows you to be employed in foreign affairs and trade. These positions often require foreign trips! Plus, you can be posted anywhere in the world, so if you are adventurous and love challenges, this career is the perfect choice. Jobs like PR or public relations officer are also great to travel around while earning a living.


Do you have translating skills? Become a location independent translator and travel around the world!Work either as a freelance or full-time translator. It is always a great advantage to know and speak more than 2 languages. In fact, the more languages you know, the better it is. You can then be hired by people from all walks of life, including celebrities, multi-millionairesor models competing for fashion contests like Miss Universe or Miss World.You can also provide your services online to make yourself known to more and more people. Thus, there are great possibilities and opportunities in the translation industry.

In this way, there is a variety of jobs you can do while travelling to any parts of the world. They are more exciting and different from normal 9 to 5 jobs. They also provide you with ample opportunities to demonstrate your unique skills and talents.