How to Choose the Highest Quality Beach Towels

Choose the Highest Quality Beach Towels

Do you want to go to the beach to relax? Well, it can be as long as you have your beach accessories. What is this? You may need sunglasses to protect your eyes from sunlight. Sunscreen to protect the skin from sunburn, which will take after a day swimming on the beach. You will also add a flip-flop to your beach accessories and great beach towels, which are the most important, necessary when swimming in the pool or on the beach. The last thing would be your beach bags, where you put all your things, including your beach accessory. After packing everything, you are ready to go to the beach.


Going to the beach requires preparation, especially if you join your colleagues. If possible, bring the best beach accessory, because you are ashamed to join them when your beach thing is incomplete. Like having a velor dolphin beach towel that attracts everyone and everyone because of the uniqueness it brings. Dolphins are known as one of the friendliest sea creatures. Everyone loves to see the dolphin on the beach. In addition, large beach blankets with velor are available in the market. You can use it as your blanket, because it’s big, you do not need to put blankets on anymore.

Beach lovers like to pick up a beach towel, because this is your partner when you go to the beach. Do not bring it, your exit to the beach will be annoying. We use beach towels to dry our body wet. One of the reasons why they go to the beaches to relax, use a towel on the bed to sunbathe. Putting the towel in the sand and lay down there, he fell asleep. In this case, you will need large beach towels with ladies. It can accommodate small and tall people, so it is convenient to rest there.

Number of people going to the beach increases every year

The number of people going to the beach increases every year, taking into account the requirements of beach towels. Many stores sell a towel at this time because they discovered that they are being sold all over the world. Beach towels now have different styles, designs and colors, because some of them were offered by customers. We all know that people need to rest and prefer to go to the beach if they need it. Others consider it the best place to relax even for a while. Even if it’s not summer, people go to the beach to celebrate their special events with their loved ones. In addition, some people choose beach towels for new products, because we are in a new generation, so this is right for us.

To see more beach towels on the Internet, go to BEACH TOWELS, where your beach towels are very comfortable and have high quality and durability at an affordable price. Your towels are 100% cotton, so soft to use. Why not try to buy online? For you, experience a feeling of absence of problems by going to your favorite textile store, just to see the towel. You can find your towels here!

Things you must not miss in Amsterdam

Things you must not miss in Amsterdam

Are you planning to travel to Amsterdam? If you are, surely you have many doubts that you would like to clarify. Find out what to see, where to eat, what are the best sleeping areas, basically what should you do when in Amsterdam? With this Amsterdam guide you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

  1. Cruise the channels

Built in the seventeenth century to keep the waters of the sea at bay, the belt of the canals of Amsterdam, protected by UNESCO, is the picturesque postcard par excellence of Amsterdam, and also offers incredibly beautiful views both day and night – at which time the bridges are illuminated with fairytale lights, and the whole area acquires a magical character Floating on the canals in a guided boat is the best way to get into the history of the city, and you will learn lots of interesting facts along the way. For example: that the houses inclined next to the canals are known as the dancing houses. You can choose from a large number of cruises on different channels, from “hop-on-hop-off” tours to night cruises by candlelight with dinner and wine. Discover more about cruises on the canals of Amsterdam and book your trip online now.

  1. Try the herring of a traveling cart

The herring may not sound very appetizing to the inexperienced, but each visitor to the city of Amsterdam should try it. You will see the haringhandels (herring cars), which serve this Dutch specialty, throughout the city. Ask for the “broodje haring” to serve the fish in a short sandwich with the pickles as well as onions. It is when it is said that the herring has its sweetest taste.

  1. Enjoy a beer tasting in a mill

In Amsterdam there are still eight windmills. The easiest to visit is the Gooyer, located in the OostelijkeEilanden neighborhood (Eastern Islands). And it is not just a mill: under the sails of this impressive monument the Brouwerij’t IJ is lodged; an award-winning artisan micro brewery with a huge open-air terrace and guided tours with a 30-minute tasting. This brewery produces a variety of organic and seasonal beers – including the “Columbus”, of 9º, and the amber malt beer; guarantee that it will blow its sails. Read more about beer tastings in Amsterdam and the best craft beer and micro beer breweries in the city.

  1. Wake up and smell the tulips

Yes, they are as cliché as the clogs are. But tulips are undoubtedly a symbol of Dutch culture, and a trip to the Netherlands would not be complete without feasting for sight with these beautiful flowers. The most famous place in Amsterdam to buy tulips and bulbs is the flower market – the only floating flower market in the world, located next to the Singel with its colorful flower stalls.

4 Terrific Stag Destinations

4 Terrific Stag Destinations

The choices available today for stag trips are almost overwhelming in their variety. The whole of Europe spreads out before enterprising British lads like a multi-coloured carpet of potential debauchery.

Of course, a good stag trip has to be tailored to its participants, and the amount of money they have available. Do you need to economise by planning a dirt-cheap excursion to Eastern Europe? Or do you have the resources for an epic rager of a party in the Dam? Are your mates looking for nonstop partying or would they be up for some more exotic diversions?

The stag destinations collected here offer you a wonderfully wide range of possibilities. Collect information wisely before making your choice!

1) Lisbon


Pints in Lisbon generally run about £1.50. Food and drink of all sorts are remarkably cheap here, so even the most touristy sections of the city feel quite affordable.


Lisbon is notable for the extent of its well-preserved historical attractions. A history-minded tour of Lisbon on a beer bike is a splendid option. Many tours include complimentary vodka, so you may find yourself rather well-preserved afterwards!


Lisbon is a university city, and students swell its population by 120,000 when the schools are in session. You know exactly what a burgeoning student population means: great parties and cheap booze! The city’s twisty medieval streets are positively packed with excellent clubs and bars. Bar Guides and Nightclub tours are strongly recommended to help you orient yourself in the madness.

2) Prague


Prague features some exceptionally reasonable booze prices. Pints average a little over £1 each, with mixed drinks coming in slightly over £3 apiece.


Beyond picturesque sightseeing targets like the Old Town Square and Prague Castle, the city offers an exhaustive number of daytime activities. The Vltava River opens up a world of waterborne possibilities, including Strip Ship cruises and other amusements.


Most of Prague’s best nightlife can be found in the Old Town. The sheer number of spots to check out make it a good idea to engage a Prague Bar Guide for at least one of your nights in the city. The mega-club Karlovy Lazne is a must-go. With five floors of music ranging from house to classic disco, the club (open till 5 AM) has something for everything taste.

3) Budapest


Booze in Budapest is notably cheap; pints can be had for less than £1.


Similar to Prague, Budapest is bisected by a river, in this case, the notorious Danube. Here a boat trip or two is practically mandatory. Besides the usual crop of cultural attractions, Budapest also offers some lad-centric draws that are positively ideal for stag parties. Check out Arnie’s Commando Shootout for a memorable day your action-hero pals will love!


Concentrate on downtown Pest and District 5 to experience the best of Budapest’s nightlife. Our guides can lay on a positively epic Budapest Bar Crawl for you. Any Budapest pub run worth its salt must include a stopover at one of the city’s famous ruin pubs. Szimpla is the most noteworthy, but you have plenty of other options.

4) Barcelona


Barcelona is undeniably pricier than Eastern European destinations. Pints run about the same in Barcelona as in Amsterdam, with most falling between £3 and £5.


Barcelona is a noteworthy destination for beach-lovers, with plenty of sandy action to be had. Transport is particularly easy thanks to the city’s robust Metro system. In the best months, between June and August, Barcelona is your go-to destination for water sports including Parasailing and Wake boarding.


After dark, the places to be in Barcelona are El Born and the Gothic Area. Bars, clubs, and cafes cater to every imaginable music taste. Barcelona has a hard-partying local population, ensuring that visitors will be hard-pressed to keep up with the all-hours celebrations they enjoy.

Sightseeing and Tourist attractions in Mumbai

Sightseeing and Tourist attractions in Mumbai

Mumbai, the glistening city of Bollywood packed with glamour and dreams is the must-watch place of India. Rich culture, arts, and beach define this commercial city which makes it the most flamboyant city of India. This metropolitan city remains crowded with tourists who come here for several reasons. Numerous facilities – 24×7 public transport, auto – rickshaw and taxi make the city safest to travel even during the night. Late night parties in pubs and clubs are the usual scene of the Mumbai, this stunning lifestyle of Mumbai attracts the majority of tourists towards it. This city also offers numerous options for shopping lovers – malls, shopping complexes and streets all together give the tourists world-class shopping experience that they will not find anywhere else in the world.

Attractions to explore and things to do in Mumbai

You can explore here historic monuments, temples, beautiful gardens, beach, theme park and do adventurous sports. There are numerous hotels in Mumbai where you can find your stay and it ranges from luxury to budget hotels. You can start your tour from the most famous landmark of Mumbai, Gateway of India. The Gateway of India is situated on the south side of the city which was constructed in the memory of King George V and Queen Mary’s stay to India in 1911. It was planned by George Wittet who completed the construction of a monument in 1924. The architecture was impeccable of its own kind and it resembles the India gate which is situated in Delhi. It is the favourite spot for tourists and its picturesque scenes have also attracted many film-makers towards it.

Mumbai Beach fun

Another attraction of Mumbai is Chowpatty Beach which is the most well-known beach in India. The tourists come here with their family and enjoy a large variety of street food that is available here. This place is a boon for photographers who come here to click the sunrise and sunset over the beach. The beach also provides kid’s rides and several games for them. The beach observes a lot of crowds especially on the eve of Ganesh Chaturthi where everyone comes here for Ganpativisarjan. Versova Beach is another widely popular beach in Mumbai. The beach is surrounded by fish markets which serve the fish demand of whole Mumbai. You can enjoy various water sports that are available here.

Theme parks and temples in Mumbai

Mumbai has several theme parks. AdlabsImagica is the latest most popular theme park which was opened in 2013. It was built by Adlabs Entertainment Limited owned by ManmohanShetty who is the famous businessman and a renowned film-producer. The theme park is divided into different zones of attractions according to the place-specific rides and restaurants namely Arabia, Americana, Jambo Africa, Viva Europa, Asiana, and India. The people can enjoy different rides, live performances and meet several cartoon characters. Water kingdom is another theme park in Mumbai which was owned by famous company namely, Essel Group of Companies. You can explore here thrilling water rides that are loved by various tourists. You can also visit various historic temples like Babulnath temple, Mumbai Devi temple, and HeydevdeMahalaxmi temple etc.

5 Most loved touch with Kerala tour package

Kerala tour package

When God created the world, it was predominantly Nature that ruled. It was a time when men strived to make his mark. And now that he has, time has come to a full circle; he wants to be the slave of Nature once again even if his schedule doesn’t allow him. This is when it’s time to get a Kerala tour package and be in the God’s Own Country where still Nature has a considerable interference in the human life and lifestyle.

To be in the closest touch of the Nature and its residents, Kerala welcomes you to its 5 most loved and thus frequented National Parks, Wildlife and Bird Sanctuaries. Don’t worry; the size of the forest area would never let you feel being crowded.

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

Besides having birds and a beautiful setting amidst nature, you have Kavanar River and Vembanad Lake to enjoy the most in the bird sanctuary spread over 14 acres. Managed by the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation, here birdwatchers can have a great time looking for migratory as well as some local birds. You can also choose to ride a house boat just for the purpose of bird watching. Anytime between June to Aug and November to February is great; the latter is the time for migratory birds.

Located in Thekkady of the Western Ghats, the reserve is mostly frequented in the hopes of seeing tigers but with fewer days in hand tourists often have to face disappointment. But for those who have safari on mind, every moment in the lush green forest is full of excitement. Sighting numerous birds and variety of animals is quite natural, especially elephants with their immediate and extended family members. Even elephant safari is a great idea in Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. Have fun riding boats in Lake Periyar after which this haven for animals is named.

Kerala tour

Eravikulam National Park

Another Western Ghat star for the nature lovers is Eravikulam National Park, the land of Neelakurunji, the flower that takes 12 years to bloom. Highest peak of South India, named Anamudi, is also one of the attractions. Earlier a hunting preserve meant for the amusement of the erstwhile British. You can also see the tea plantations in Iddukki. The endangered species of Goat, Nilgiri Tahr is also found here in maximum number. So plan a good amount of time to really see the place and enjoy.

eravikulam national park

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Ever known of Giant Grizzled Squirrel? Well, most people researching on the wildlife of Kerala would know this by now having read a lot about these. They are endangered species and could be seen only here in the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. The flora of the place consists of thorny scrub in the deciduous forest which can serve as a perfect place for the trekkers among the tourists. Elephants, Hanuman Langurs, Spotted Deers, etc can be seen here.

chinnar wildlife

Silent Valley National Park

Most of the words used while describing any national park, like tropical evergreen rain forest, are scientific but the interesting thing to know about it that you would have a great time here if you are a nature lover and value your time being among natural water bodies (like the perennial River Kunthi), animals, birds and the kind of silence unique to the forest.

So if want to get the most of the wild aspect or to be specific, wilderness, of the God’s Own Country, get your Kerala tour package designed by the expert or have extensive research.

Best Tips For Traveling Cheap So More Often!

Best Tips For Traveling Cheap So More Often

Traveling cheap and as often as possible has become a real leitmotiv for me in recent years. With time and experience, I realized that by using a number of tips combined, it is possible to damn reduce the bill. That finally with a reasonable budget one can consider very beautiful trips.

In fact, many travelers do not have the good reflexes to find good deals and do not always know where to start to travel better, further and more often.

I propose you to discover the list of my 10 best tips for traveling cheap.

My 10 best tips for traveling cheap:

This top is not a classification. I organized tips for cheap travel in a chronological way, so that you can follow them one after the other to organize and live your future journey. In a way I propose a method: step by step !

# 1 To leave at the right moment:

good time

The key word is flexibility ! Some times are more conducive than others to travel cheap:

– Travel against the current : when everyone goes skiing go to the sea. Conversely when everyone goes by the sea go to the mountains and summer to the big cities.

– In the same spirit go off periods of school holidays .

– Go during the low season (off-season): in addition to saving you money on the cost of transportation and accommodation you have many other benefits. You will avoid the flow of tourists of the high season and will gain in authenticity. Only downside: the climate a little less favorable.

– Leave and return during the week , concentrate on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!

# 2 Choose the right destination:

Be flexible (again) … Do not block on one choice!

Do not go “ball in the head” with one idea of ​​destination. Make a small list of destinations that you want to discover. Learn about the climate, when the high season and the low season begin, and so on. Do you know for example that in the same place, depending on whether you are in the low season or high season, the price of the night in a hotel room can be multiplied up to 5 times?

Often just before the start of the high season the climate becomes favorable again and prices are still very low.


As far as possible, prefer countries with a relatively low cost of living , off the beaten track, where it is not the peak tourist season and where the euro will make you gain purchasing power. you can for example inspire you from this top of the cheapest destinations in the world very complete.

You can also travel not far from home . You will save a lot on the cost of transport and accommodation. Do you really know your area?

# 3 Buy your plane ticket at the best price:

Buying your plane ticket is one of the crucial moments that you should not miss. It will even be one of the main elements to take into account for the final choice of your destination (budget level)!

Before going on the purchase, I advise you to make a first round of heating! In concrete terms, open three different comparators and start your ticket searches according to the destinations you have preselected. Here we only want to get an idea of ​​prices. This is also a time when you will need to start locating the hubs (and secondary airports) that connect the destinations on your list.

Find at the end of the article the best practices to implement to buy your plane ticket at the best price!

# 4 Compare the car parks to leave your car in a safe place at the best price:

You do not always think about it, but to get to the airport more than half of the travelers use their car. You only have to see the number of cars parked on the long-term car parks near the airports!

Again, I strongly recommend using a comparator to make your choice, in three clicks you are fixed on the parking with the best quality – location – security – price. I propose for example to go through Looking4Parking .

As for the flight comparators think to do your research in private navigation.

# 5 Optimize the cost of transportation abroad:

As soon as you arrive at your destination, you will have to move. Go to your accommodation, visit, enjoy recreation, eat, etc. Each action will require a trip and usually on the move we move a lot!

local transport

– Walking will not cost you a cent , so it’s not stupid to aim for well-placed accommodation to limit your transportation costs.

– Depending on the destination of your choice you will have several possibilities to get to your accommodation. If it’s possible, use the subway or the bus is what will cost you the cheapest. As a last resort and if you have no choice take a taxi.

– If you use a Taxi, always prefer a metric taxi , they will apply the legal tariff always cheaper than a fictitious price fixed at the head of the customer.

– When you visit your destination set road plans to the day to try to avoid unnecessary and expensive round trips .

– Use the same means of transport as the locals . Do not hesitate to ask locals about the best way to get to this or that place.

– Think about renting a car or scooter . This will give you greater autonomy and will not necessarily come back very expensive (moreover if you go through local rental companies). Remember to bring your international license.


This seems obvious to you and yet you can save a lot of money by being strategic on your travels. Money that you can use to make you happy in the leisure, the memories or the restoration.

Destinations For a Cheap Holiday In Summer!

Destinations For a Cheap Holiday In Summer

Summer is coming and you may not have decided on the choice of your holiday destination. This is often the time when we want to disconnect, cut a bit of our daily routine. It is also an opportunity to meet friends, couples or family and enjoy life. The budget is unfortunately often a brake. I suggest you to discover my selection of the 10 best destinations for a cheap vacation this summer.

What’s in the cost of your vacation?

Before delivering my selection of 10 destinations for a cheap vacation this summer, I think it’s a good idea to remember what’s in the budget of a trip.

Transportation :

If some countries have a cost of living 70% lower than that of France (like India for example), you must still consider the cost of transport to reach your destination. It is sometimes better to go to a country that is more expensive, but closer, than to aim absolutely at one of the cheapest countries in the world! To book your plane ticket I advise you at first to go through a comparator like GoEuro to get an idea of ​​the price.

The cost of housing:

Again, this is often an important part of your holiday budget. If there are solutions to minimize this budget item you should obviously take into account in the choice of your destination. Consider different accommodation solutions will probably allow you to expand the range of possibilities in the choice of your future summer vacation destination.

The food :

The food budget if it is unavoidable varies in enormous proportions according to the destination of your choice. In Asia, you can eat for 1 euro per person and per meal when in Europe it is difficult to eat for less than 5 euros. Everywhere you can eat locally and thus lower the cost of this post. I can only suggest that you avoid eating at restaurants at all meals if you do not want to explode your budget. Two simple tips to lower the cost of food during your travels are: to choose accommodation with a kitchen and to have picnics.

Hobbies :

When you go on vacation, what’s more when you can only afford it once a year, consider keeping a budget to please you. Book yourself one or two activities and outings to enjoy your break. And keep a souvenir of your trip, even if it’s just a magnet to stick on your fridge. This will keep the memory of your vacation and when you get back, will surely give you a smile when you open your fridge.

Note , some “all inclusive” formulas can be really advantageous from a financial point of view. For example, tour operators offer transportation + hotel + board (or half board) at unbeatable prices. Do not hesitate however in this kind of formulas to devote a budget leisure / outings to extract you from the “holiday club” and live your trip freely.

 destinations for a cheap holiday this summer:

How did I choose these destinations for a cheap vacation?

– the climate , when you go on vacation, most of the time you want to see a little sun and not too much rain
– the interest of the destination : beach, leisure and activities, gastronomy, culture, etc.
– the cost (obviously)
– the security , unfortunately by the times which it is an important data
– the duration of the transport and the connections from France
– my affinities , it is also necessary to say it I do not propose to you destinations which do not I do not like it. For example, I could have talked about Croatia but I did not appreciate the atmosphere of the country

New Zealand: Complete Guide and Tips

New Zealand: Complete Guide and Tips

The new zealand is a vast territory that requires time and ground transportation to be appreciated at its true value. Allow a minimum of one month to fully appreciate it, otherwise, you will only roll over again and again, without really enjoying the beautiful landscapes and the sweetness of life of certain corners.

 Which means of transport to use in New Zealand?

  • Campervans, motorhomes and other motorhomes

We met a lot of campervans, motorhomes and other motorhomes that remain the preferred means of transport for tourists in this country. However, we have looked at the prices, and I am not sure that this is the cheapest form of transportation. While you save the price of a motel or hotel room, be aware that you can not land anywhere, and you will sometimes have to go to ” campgrounds ” or ” holiday parks ” for sleep quietly and avoid the fine of NZ $ 200 in case of illegal camping.Furthermore, it will still provide some stops in structures adapted to shower, fill up with water and electricity.

If you want to take a campervan to one place and return it to another , it costs you a surplus of about $ 400 to $ 500 NZ !!! You will find good plans of campervans or campingcars to “repatriate” from one place to another, often for free (except gasoline) or for more than reasonable sums on the site

Find the little practical guide of campervan in New Zealand written by Nico and Aude of the blog “a-contresens”

If you want to rent a campervans, here are some links to the websites corresponding to the renters that we find most often on the roads of New Zealand:

  • Escaperentals:
  • Campervan:
  • Britz:
  • Appollocamper:
  • Jucy:
  • The car

The other solution is to rent a car and stop in “accommodations”: hotels, motels, backpackers or others.

You will find in New Zealand all the international renters but also local less often cheaper renters . Go to their agency to negotiate live.

Attention, beware of rentalcars that offer the best prices but know that you will be charged 2 times ! Once by rentalcars and once by the renter who refuses to leave you the vehicle if he is not paid. We were made 2 times and no answer from rentalcars to our mails, except that we will answer in 90 days but we have passed them for a long time ….

As for camping cars, you will find tips on . We found a vehicle to go from Wellington to Auckland, stack hair in our dates, for the price of gas only!