A Luxury Limousine Service Is A Wonderful Way to Travel

Luxury Limousine Service

Even on the best days, traveling from one location to another can be a tiring experience. If you want to reach your destination refreshed and full of energy, you need to do everything you can to make your travel experience unique and comfortable.

So the next time you reach your destination city, call for a limousine instead of hiring a cab. A luxury limousine in the final word when it comes to traveling in style and comfort. There are several advantages of hiring a limousine and some of these are:

  • You will get picked up from the airport by a professional chauffeur
  • Your limousine will be clean and well maintained with complete paperwork
  • Your driver will be on time and you can also call the limousine at a predetermined location
  • Your driver will use advanced navigation software and GPS to navigate through traffic
  • You can travel in the comfort of the limousine with ample space room to move around

The Largest Luxury Limousine Services in Minnesota – At Your Service

If you are looking for a luxurious way to travel where you do not have to bother about navigating through traffic, dealing with parking places or looking for addresses in a new location, then try hiring a limousine from the largest luxury limousine services in Minnesota.

largest luxury limousine services in Minnesota

You can choose from the wide range of vehicles available from the company and they will send the limousine to your location at your desired time. Hiring a limousine from a reliable company can have benefits such as:

  • Your driver will be polite, friendly, and courteous
  • You can choose from a luxury limousine to SUV stretch limousine and much more.
  • You can decide the number of stops to your destination as per your preference
  • You can book your SUV online or through the app of the company
  • You are offered complete transparency on the pricing and rates for hiring a limousine

The limousine services are available in the following areas:

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Andolasia With 6 Months Old Baby Travel Diary Of The Chrissed Family

Andolasia With 6 Months Old Baby Travel Diary Of The Chrissed Family

Here is the story of Chrissand, who tells us about his journey in Andalusia with his baby e 6 months. What give us ideas for a family trip to Spain.

Can you introduce us, give us the age of the children during this family trip and the year of the trip to Andalusia and its duration?

We are a 30-year-old couple with a 21-month-old boy . In 2011, during our 2 weeks Andalusia trip , “mini Chrissand” was only 6 months old .

How did you prepare for this trip with your children and how did you travel?

Prepare your trip at the best price
  • Equip yourself
  • Book your flight 
  • Book your hotel with swimming pool
  • Your hotel tested and approved
  • Your custom family circuit

We first took a map of the area and selected the cities we wanted to visit. We have defined a route taking into account downtimes every 2 hours maximum for baby comfort (meals, walks, naps …)

We traveled by car to keep comfort, always for baby.

Where did you sleep in Andalusia? Do not hesitate to share with us your good addresses?

We stayed most of the time in cheap hotels or sometimes in small hostals, small rather family-oriented hotels, right in the historical heart of the cities visited .

>> All our accommodations in Spain tested and approved

Do you have good places to eat? And how is the food for children? Is it adapted to their taste? 

We have often eaten in small restaurants along the roads or in the heart of small villages or sometimes even in the city center.

By cons, for the evening, as baby began its nights at 19h and we did not want to disturb during his sleep, we opted for sandwich meals in the hotel rooms! Every day, we bought local products (raw ham, cheeses, pasta …) in a grocery store or sometimes in a supermarket.

At the age of 6 months, our son had already started the food diversification and we opted for a reserve of small pots in the trunk of the car. So, it was not complicated for him, because we had only to warm his pot. And for milk products, infant milk yoghurt versions can be stored at room temperature just like milk powder.

What climate did you have in Andalusia? What kind of clothes do you need for this trip?

The Andalusian climate is rather dry and hot in summer . Temperatures can reach 45 ° C see more. This period should be avoided if you want to visit the area, especially with children.

We prefer to leave late April / early May because the weather is nice at this time: we had an average of 25/27 ° C.

Like any trip, you have to plan a bit of everything because you never know. Provide light clothing for warm days (shorts / t-shirt), warmer clothes (pants, sweater and windbreaker) for more cloudy or rainy days. And above all, a good pair of shoes to visit without hurting your feet! 

Did you use any travel accessories or special equipment for the youngest (stroller, backpack, other …)

>> To find your baby and child travel accessories, here it is

We took the stroller to walk around without having to carry baby all the time. Baby napping the day either in the stroller or in the baby carrier (when it was not too hot!)

For meals, we had planned a removable high chair (the 4 feet stand out) and this accessory does not take up too much space in the trunk of the car. It is quite convenient in restaurants that do not necessarily have chairs and then for baby, it was a real treat to be seated at our table.

We still took the bed umbrella because in some hotels there was none.

What did you visit with your family during this trip to Andalusia? How did you organize the days with your children?

First of all, we applied ourselves to respect the rhythm of baby: Baby slept, ate, took the bath at the usual hours …

We drove during his nap hours , which is why we chose cities within 2 hours of each other.

At this age (6 months), the days are easy to organize because baby sleeps a lot. We can do almost anything we want.

We visited the cities of Jaén ,  Cordoba , Carmona, Seville, Jerez de la Frontera, Ronda, Malaga, Marbella, Granada and Baeza.

We walked the historic centers, on foot , we visited many palaces, gardens …. We took our time.

What is your best memory of this family trip to Andalusia?

The learning to walk on all fours ! Every night, while we were writing everything we had visited during the day to write our travel diaries , baby was playing on the hotel beds and trying to catch us, after 15 days of travel, baby walked on all fours !

Which sites do you recommend to see or what activities are absolutely necessary with children in Andalusia?

In Andalusia, historical tours are usually ancient palaces, gardens, or other monuments that may not appeal to young children. 

On the other hand, we visited the City of Sciences of Granada and this place was full of children of all ages (from young children to teenagers …).

What did you dislike (visit, way of travel, atmosphere …)?

Overall on this trip, we were not disappointed. The only constraint was to respect the baby hours and it is true that in the evening, we would have liked to go out, to see the Spanish nightlife. But you had to choose!

Have you had some “galleys” and if so which ones?

What precautions did you take to visit Andalusia  with children (health, sun protection, what did you put in the pharmacy kit.) ?

Mandatory pharmacy kit !! Thermometer, chisel, physiological saline, disinfectant, doliprane (supple and syrup), cough syrup, arnigel, arnica, bandages, high protection sunscreen, health book … for baby but also for parents!

We have also asked for the European Health Card from CPAM,   which allows care to be taken care of in Europe. This replaces Form E111. It must be requested for the entire family no later than 1 month before departure. This nominative and individual card is free.

How did you care for children during trips? What kind of toy did they take for this trip?

We basically traveled during nap hours . Upon waking, we stopped to play, eat, eat … Do not forget the music CD infant and why not the DVD player if your children are a little older

Family Destinations Off The Beaten Path

Family Destinations Off The Beaten Path

At the time of the return, what better than ideas of destinations for families out of the whole beaten to feed the future desires of travel.

Whether in Europe or far, far away on the other side of the world, here are destinations far from tourists that make me dream, or that I have been tested.

Then in the summary:

  • Why choose a family destination when traveling with children
  • The destinations far from the tourists in Europe,
  • Off-the-beaten destinations all around the world

Why go off the beaten track with your family

A destination off the beaten path is not necessarily a destination very far … but often a destination that we do not have much return. Tourists do not go there because there are no big beaches to make his friends pale on facebook, not very big monuments, or few tourist infrastructures making the trip more difficult to prepare. Yet these destinations have a lot to offer us. So here are some reasons to go!

To discover new cultures : Few affected by vacationers, the culture is still preserved, so we can learn more about their religion, their way of life. Attention, however, English is perhaps still little spoken!

To spend less: destinations off the beaten path are often due to less developed tourism, following old unstable political situations. So, in full development, prices are often very attractive to know the destination.

To experience new adventures: by choosing a destination off the beaten path, you will have to make more effort during your trip. And if you are a little afraid to get started, some agencies like Nomad’Aventure offer you to discover these family trips , accompanied to reassure you.

To get out of your comfort zone : with a small one, you will surely have concessions to make on your level of comfort: maybe not so much baby milk, or small pot. It will then take what you need for the duration of the trip or let baby test local products

The destinations off the beaten track in Europe, easy with children


A destination, unknown, of which we know only the famous genocide (and still) yet with monuments, monasteries inscribed on the World Heritage of UnescoCe that you will like in family

  • Visit churches and monasteries without stopping: monastery of Sanahin, Tatev, Khor Virap
  • Learn more about the evening route at Caravanserai of Selim
  • Visit the Armenian Genocide Museum

When to go:

This country supports a continental climate, but very hot in summer. Prefer spring and fall. In winter you will find negative temperatures in most of the country: not ideal for visits!

Who is it for:

For fans of churches and new cultures, here we forget the attractions dedicated to children. We must want to make new acquaintances, to learn more about a country so dark past

>> Our articles on Armenia as a family


A sea and mountain destination close to home, with a rich cultural past … yet so little known in France

What you will like in family:

  • Llogara National Park
  • The source of the blue eye
  • The road to the south coast for these beautiful landscapes and beaches
  • Archaeological site of Butrint
  • UNESCO World Heritage Cities:  Gjirokastër
  • The warm welcome of the locals

When to go:

It is a Mediterranean destination, so spring and autumn to enjoy beautiful days without too much heat, summer for fans of summer in the sun

Who is it for:

For families who want to combine beach and hiking: because the edges have beautiful beaches by still overcrowded, and the land is suitable for walks

>> All our articles about Albania with your family

Russia is a destination that does not come to the mind of families. Yet there is a huge cultural wealth, parks, beautiful monuments etc … We had the chance to visit some with our former au-pair and very frankly we loved Moscow and St Petersburg

  • The big colorful buildings of Moscow : the red square, the Cathedral Basilica the Happy One,
  • The castles and churches of St. Petersburg : Peterhoff, the fortress Peter and Paul, Church of St. Savior shed blood (the house of our au pair according to my miss Traveler at the top of 3 years)
  • The many parks to play next to the local
  • The parks that are located in each city: Gorky Park in Moscow
  • See the famous Russian circus : the St. Petersburg Circus, the Moscow Water Circus
  • Make a detour on the frozen ac Baikal family

Either in winter for a rough Russian winter with the snow and the negative temperatures and see the Russian Santa, either in summer to enjoy a pleasant day without too much heat

For lovers of a new culture, loving to visit castles and cities

at this moment Turkey is in a bad situation. But if you consider that the problems of the capital do not represent the country, I confirm that it was one of my favorite countries. the Trurcs are so endearing with children, they want to touch them, caliner etc … We offer to share the meal of Ramadan in a park … Here is the picture I want to keep

  • The seaside resorts of the west or south coast: Cesme, or larger south
  • Istanbul , a city steeped in history, our history, which allows children of 6th to show off in front of friends
  • Istanbul with attractions that mark children: underground cisterns, miniature turkey,
  • Playgrounds to share candy with moms and dads around the corner
  • The Cappadocia and its fairy chimney and cave houses of Gorem, Uchisar
  • The historical and natural sites: Ephesus, Pamukkale

Cappadocia Travel and Children

When to go:

Spring and summer: in summer Istanbul is fairly ventilated, the heat did not bother us, and many hotels have swimming pools. Cappadocia can be a real furnace – we go out early in the morning and late at night! And we take a troglodyte room to be cool at night!

Given the current climate, for families who are used to traveling not to be afraid of possible risks …

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>> Our tested and approved hotels in Turkey

  • Hiking again and again on mythical mountains: Annapurna
  • Discover Kathmandu and its abundant life
  • Discovering Buddha and his life through the temples and his hometown: Lumbini

Nepal with a baby family trip (5)

When to go:

It is necessary to leave monsoon season (in summer with us) and out of winter too cold for the children. So ideal in spring or All Saints!

Dream Destinations For An Exceptional Trip

Dream Destinations For An Exceptional Trip

The travel blog The Next Journey presents you through this article 10 dream destinations . To go on a honeymoon, to make an unforgettable trip in love, to spend a great time with friends in an exceptional place, these destinations will certainly not leave you indifferent!

Here are my favorites for 10 more than magical holiday destinations:

Bora Bora in Polynesia : The Pearl of the Pacific is considered one of the most beautiful places on this planet, surpassing even the notoriety of Tahiti. It is its turquoise lagoon surrounded by coral reefs that allows it to attract travelers seeking an absolute change of scenery. To your masks and snorkels!

The Grand Canyon in Arizona : The United States is home to an exceptional place … Arizona is where visitors literally fall in love with the splendor and grandeur of what nature can offer. The Colorado Grand Canyon is one of the world’s best-known natural sites. Remember to read my full article on the Grand Canyon in the USA . Arizona is also home to other more private corners of paradise.

Grand Canyon

Rajasthan : in northwestern India, this territory is more than mythical and idyllic. Rajasthan is the perfect destination for a romantic trip, like a Tale of Thousand and One Nights. The majestic Taj Mahal, the palaces of maharajahs, the beautiful gradient of colors (between the yellow of the Thar desert, the blue of the sky and the pink buildings of Jaipur) … Rajasthan reserves a total change of scenery to travelers.

Pamukkale and Cappadocia in Turkey : this country can boast of two beautiful wonders of the world. First of all, the Pamukkale site (also known as the “Cotton Castle”) is an incredible site where you can bathe in the warm water of naturally formed white basins. And lovers of sensational landscapes and hiking will be conquered by Cappadocia, which has caves and fairy chimneys.

Bali in Indonesia : This island is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world. In addition to the dream beaches of Bali, this island will make you dream thanks to its culture and especially its dance shows and traditions. The landscapes are also very attractive, it is possible to make beautiful hikes at Mount Batur and Mount Agung to discover the famous rice fields of Bali.

Tanah Lot Temple in Bali

The Maya Road of Mexico : With its history and ancient civilizations, Mexico is a destination with a strong cultural appeal. The archaeological sites of Chichen Itza and Tulum are very interesting to discover, as is the colonial city of Merida. Eastern Mexico is also composed of very beautiful beaches (Cancun, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres), which makes it a very complete and ideal destination to realize a dream trip.

Photo credit: AlphaTangoBravo (Adam Baker)
Tulum in Mexico © AlphaTangoBravo (Adam Baker)

Iceland : Although less exotic than previous destinations, this island deserves its place in the hearts of those who would like to have a dream holiday. His landscapes are just grandiose, and will be perfect to live a total change of scenery. The hot spring called the Strokkur, the Blue Lagoon, the geysers, the glaciers, the fjords such as the Breidhafjordhur … nature takes over and amazes us in Iceland. Change of scenery guaranteed also in Norway, Sweden and Finland