Day Trips from Portugal on BBQ Boats

The BBQ Boat Trip Lagos is the best way to taste the seafood, drink wine and enjoy your one-day trip on a catamaran. The sea is calm for swimming, snorkeling and enjoy visiting the sea caves. The BBQ boat trip is one of the important activities one must take when in the Portugal tour. This is full of fun and entertainment on the sea. It is advisable to check the activities a BBQ boat service provider is giving you on a day trip to Lagos.

Things to do in Lagos BBQ Boat Trip

Ponta da Piedade- The natural sea cave and rock formation visit to Ponta da Piedade will amaze you while in a day trip on a BBQ boat from Lagos. You have to check this before ; their boat will enter into the caves or not before booking. There are few large boats, which take you nearby to the cave site only. A small BBQ boat can enter inside the caves, when the sufficient level of seawater is inside the caves. You must check with your travel agent for such details before booking your one-day boat trip from Lagos.

Swimming – Swimming can relax you more in the cool seawater while in BBQ Boat Trip Lagos. The boat operators permit you to swim while the BBQ lunch time and near to the sea caves. You must check for swimming activities are permitted or not while booking your BBQ boat trip from Lagos.

Snorkeling – You must check with your boat operator, they allow snorkeling while in BBQ boat trip from Lagos. This will give you more enjoyment to see the marine life in natural state under the sea. You must check before boat booking, they give the snorkeling gears or not. If no, you have to bring your own snorkeling gear. You must ensure they allow for snorkeling during the BBQ lunchtime. It is advisable to book that boat, which allows snorkeling.

Onboard Bar – The BBQ boat from Lagos will serve you on board mini bar. They give you BBQ lunch and wine, which is inclusive while booking your day trip in a BBQ boat. You can take extra wine and other beverages by paying them. This is the best for people coming in groups to enjoy BBQ lunch with more wine.

Entertainment on Board

The BBQ Boat Trip Lagos comes with a guide and a live commentator. This is the best for tourist to avail while sightseeing from the marine. They do give instruction for safety and emergency. They make you fun and entertainment onboard by playing games and playing music.

BBQ Boat Trip Lagos with full entertainment and the above-mentioned activities to do is the best to book on your one-day tour to Lagos. You must book the BBQ boat in advance, as this is a busy tourist place. It is advisable to compare the BBQ boat trip price online and book that boat, which gives you delicious food, wine and entertainment. This is because there are many service providers with different variety of boats.