Destinations For a Cheap Holiday In Summer!

Summer is coming and you may not have decided on the choice of your holiday destination. This is often the time when we want to disconnect, cut a bit of our daily routine. It is also an opportunity to meet friends, couples or family and enjoy life. The budget is unfortunately often a brake. I suggest you to discover my selection of the 10 best destinations for a cheap vacation this summer.

What’s in the cost of your vacation?

Before delivering my selection of 10 destinations for a cheap vacation this summer, I think it’s a good idea to remember what’s in the budget of a trip.

Transportation :

If some countries have a cost of living 70% lower than that of France (like India for example), you must still consider the cost of transport to reach your destination. It is sometimes better to go to a country that is more expensive, but closer, than to aim absolutely at one of the cheapest countries in the world! To book your plane ticket I advise you at first to go through a comparator like GoEuro to get an idea of ​​the price.

The cost of housing:

Again, this is often an important part of your holiday budget. If there are solutions to minimize this budget item you should obviously take into account in the choice of your destination. Consider different accommodation solutions will probably allow you to expand the range of possibilities in the choice of your future summer vacation destination.

The food :

The food budget if it is unavoidable varies in enormous proportions according to the destination of your choice. In Asia, you can eat for 1 euro per person and per meal when in Europe it is difficult to eat for less than 5 euros. Everywhere you can eat locally and thus lower the cost of this post. I can only suggest that you avoid eating at restaurants at all meals if you do not want to explode your budget. Two simple tips to lower the cost of food during your travels are: to choose accommodation with a kitchen and to have picnics.

Hobbies :

When you go on vacation, what’s more when you can only afford it once a year, consider keeping a budget to please you. Book yourself one or two activities and outings to enjoy your break. And keep a souvenir of your trip, even if it’s just a magnet to stick on your fridge. This will keep the memory of your vacation and when you get back, will surely give you a smile when you open your fridge.

Note , some “all inclusive” formulas can be really advantageous from a financial point of view. For example, tour operators offer transportation + hotel + board (or half board) at unbeatable prices. Do not hesitate however in this kind of formulas to devote a budget leisure / outings to extract you from the “holiday club” and live your trip freely.

 destinations for a cheap holiday this summer:

How did I choose these destinations for a cheap vacation?

– the climate , when you go on vacation, most of the time you want to see a little sun and not too much rain
– the interest of the destination : beach, leisure and activities, gastronomy, culture, etc.
– the cost (obviously)
– the security , unfortunately by the times which it is an important data
– the duration of the transport and the connections from France
– my affinities , it is also necessary to say it I do not propose to you destinations which do not I do not like it. For example, I could have talked about Croatia but I did not appreciate the atmosphere of the country