Family Destinations Off The Beaten Path

At the time of the return, what better than ideas of destinations for families out of the whole beaten to feed the future desires of travel.

Whether in Europe or far, far away on the other side of the world, here are destinations far from tourists that make me dream, or that I have been tested.

Then in the summary:

  • Why choose a family destination when traveling with children
  • The destinations far from the tourists in Europe,
  • Off-the-beaten destinations all around the world

Why go off the beaten track with your family

A destination off the beaten path is not necessarily a destination very far … but often a destination that we do not have much return. Tourists do not go there because there are no big beaches to make his friends pale on facebook, not very big monuments, or few tourist infrastructures making the trip more difficult to prepare. Yet these destinations have a lot to offer us. So here are some reasons to go!

To discover new cultures : Few affected by vacationers, the culture is still preserved, so we can learn more about their religion, their way of life. Attention, however, English is perhaps still little spoken!

To spend less: destinations off the beaten path are often due to less developed tourism, following old unstable political situations. So, in full development, prices are often very attractive to know the destination.

To experience new adventures: by choosing a destination off the beaten path, you will have to make more effort during your trip. And if you are a little afraid to get started, some agencies like Nomad’Aventure offer you to discover these family trips , accompanied to reassure you.

To get out of your comfort zone : with a small one, you will surely have concessions to make on your level of comfort: maybe not so much baby milk, or small pot. It will then take what you need for the duration of the trip or let baby test local products

The destinations off the beaten track in Europe, easy with children


A destination, unknown, of which we know only the famous genocide (and still) yet with monuments, monasteries inscribed on the World Heritage of UnescoCe that you will like in family

  • Visit churches and monasteries without stopping: monastery of Sanahin, Tatev, Khor Virap
  • Learn more about the evening route at Caravanserai of Selim
  • Visit the Armenian Genocide Museum

When to go:

This country supports a continental climate, but very hot in summer. Prefer spring and fall. In winter you will find negative temperatures in most of the country: not ideal for visits!

Who is it for:

For fans of churches and new cultures, here we forget the attractions dedicated to children. We must want to make new acquaintances, to learn more about a country so dark past

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A sea and mountain destination close to home, with a rich cultural past … yet so little known in France

What you will like in family:

  • Llogara National Park
  • The source of the blue eye
  • The road to the south coast for these beautiful landscapes and beaches
  • Archaeological site of Butrint
  • UNESCO World Heritage Cities:  Gjirokastër
  • The warm welcome of the locals

When to go:

It is a Mediterranean destination, so spring and autumn to enjoy beautiful days without too much heat, summer for fans of summer in the sun

Who is it for:

For families who want to combine beach and hiking: because the edges have beautiful beaches by still overcrowded, and the land is suitable for walks

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Russia is a destination that does not come to the mind of families. Yet there is a huge cultural wealth, parks, beautiful monuments etc … We had the chance to visit some with our former au-pair and very frankly we loved Moscow and St Petersburg

  • The big colorful buildings of Moscow : the red square, the Cathedral Basilica the Happy One,
  • The castles and churches of St. Petersburg : Peterhoff, the fortress Peter and Paul, Church of St. Savior shed blood (the house of our au pair according to my miss Traveler at the top of 3 years)
  • The many parks to play next to the local
  • The parks that are located in each city: Gorky Park in Moscow
  • See the famous Russian circus : the St. Petersburg Circus, the Moscow Water Circus
  • Make a detour on the frozen ac Baikal family

Either in winter for a rough Russian winter with the snow and the negative temperatures and see the Russian Santa, either in summer to enjoy a pleasant day without too much heat

For lovers of a new culture, loving to visit castles and cities

at this moment Turkey is in a bad situation. But if you consider that the problems of the capital do not represent the country, I confirm that it was one of my favorite countries. the Trurcs are so endearing with children, they want to touch them, caliner etc … We offer to share the meal of Ramadan in a park … Here is the picture I want to keep

  • The seaside resorts of the west or south coast: Cesme, or larger south
  • Istanbul , a city steeped in history, our history, which allows children of 6th to show off in front of friends
  • Istanbul with attractions that mark children: underground cisterns, miniature turkey,
  • Playgrounds to share candy with moms and dads around the corner
  • The Cappadocia and its fairy chimney and cave houses of Gorem, Uchisar
  • The historical and natural sites: Ephesus, Pamukkale

Cappadocia Travel and Children

When to go:

Spring and summer: in summer Istanbul is fairly ventilated, the heat did not bother us, and many hotels have swimming pools. Cappadocia can be a real furnace – we go out early in the morning and late at night! And we take a troglodyte room to be cool at night!

Given the current climate, for families who are used to traveling not to be afraid of possible risks …

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  • Hiking again and again on mythical mountains: Annapurna
  • Discover Kathmandu and its abundant life
  • Discovering Buddha and his life through the temples and his hometown: Lumbini

Nepal with a baby family trip (5)

When to go:

It is necessary to leave monsoon season (in summer with us) and out of winter too cold for the children. So ideal in spring or All Saints!