New Zealand: Complete Guide and Tips

The new zealand is a vast territory that requires time and ground transportation to be appreciated at its true value. Allow a minimum of one month to fully appreciate it, otherwise, you will only roll over again and again, without really enjoying the beautiful landscapes and the sweetness of life of certain corners.

 Which means of transport to use in New Zealand?

  • Campervans, motorhomes and other motorhomes

We met a lot of campervans, motorhomes and other motorhomes that remain the preferred means of transport for tourists in this country. However, we have looked at the prices, and I am not sure that this is the cheapest form of transportation. While you save the price of a motel or hotel room, be aware that you can not land anywhere, and you will sometimes have to go to ” campgrounds ” or ” holiday parks ” for sleep quietly and avoid the fine of NZ $ 200 in case of illegal camping.Furthermore, it will still provide some stops in structures adapted to shower, fill up with water and electricity.

If you want to take a campervan to one place and return it to another , it costs you a surplus of about $ 400 to $ 500 NZ !!! You will find good plans of campervans or campingcars to “repatriate” from one place to another, often for free (except gasoline) or for more than reasonable sums on the site

Find the little practical guide of campervan in New Zealand written by Nico and Aude of the blog “a-contresens”

If you want to rent a campervans, here are some links to the websites corresponding to the renters that we find most often on the roads of New Zealand:

  • Escaperentals:
  • Campervan:
  • Britz:
  • Appollocamper:
  • Jucy:
  • The car

The other solution is to rent a car and stop in “accommodations”: hotels, motels, backpackers or others.

You will find in New Zealand all the international renters but also local less often cheaper renters . Go to their agency to negotiate live.

Attention, beware of rentalcars that offer the best prices but know that you will be charged 2 times ! Once by rentalcars and once by the renter who refuses to leave you the vehicle if he is not paid. We were made 2 times and no answer from rentalcars to our mails, except that we will answer in 90 days but we have passed them for a long time ….

As for camping cars, you will find tips on . We found a vehicle to go from Wellington to Auckland, stack hair in our dates, for the price of gas only!