Road Trip In Europe For 3 Weeks, Route Proposal

How to establish a route for a road trip?

I honestly think there are no good or bad rules. But I deeply believe that this way of traveling involves leaving a little room for unexpectedness and improvisation. For our part, we established a road map with the countries we wanted to cross. Some cities or regions that we absolutely wanted to discover and an imperative since we were expected by the tourist office of the Lech Valley on 6.7 and 8 June 2017.

Our itinerary for this road trip in Europe:

Taking into account these elements, as well as our budget and weather (often mild this season in the south) we have therefore thought the following road map:

– Departure from La Rochelle on 21 May 2017
– 2 days to reach Italy
– 4 days in Italy
– 2 days in Slovenia
– 3 days in Croatia
– 2 days in Hungary
– fast passage to Slovakia to reach the Czech Republic
– 2 days in the Czech Republic
– 2 days in Germany
– 3 days in Austria
– 2 days to go home via Germany and Lyon.
– Back to La Rochelle on June 10, 2017

In total we will spend 21 days on the road during our road trip in Europe.

In this itinerary that we imagined, we had inscribed in the marble a few must-see places like Pisa, Venice, Budapest, Prague or the Lech Valley. But we have also given way to improvisation and sensations on the road. Some places have literally subjugated us and others totally disappointed.

A little review of the conditions of life during this road trip in Europe:

The car: our 307 break!

On this point I want to get the message that to initiate a road trip (whatever it is) there is not necessarily need to own a motorhome, a van or a truck fitted out. Each vehicle has its advantages and disadvantages.

The car goes everywhere and is easier to park in the big cities, it allows somehow to be in the heart of the action. On the other hand, it requires to count a night budget a little more important and to be a little more organized (because less space and space to store).

The motorhome: it’s the must-have comfort level, but often a little more complicated to go where you want. It will avoid some roads and often park on the outskirts of major cities.

The converted truck has roughly the same advantages as the camper with a little more flexibility, especially for access to large cities.

The van remains the must and probably the best compromise comfort, maneuverability and freedom.

Life in our car during this road trip in Europe:

We were a little anxious to leave 3 weeks for this road trip in Europe with our car. And finally life on board is pretty good. No mechanical problems (phew), good road comfort, the ability to go wherever you want. We were very lucky weather level with only two days when it rained. In short, no big worries.

Obviously, we had to stay during this trip, alternating camping, apartments, rooms and hotels. We even spent a rude night in the car between Florence and Bologna in Italy.

Equipment level, we had two tents, a cooler, two suitcases of clothes, a box of kitchen utensils and provisions, our equipment photo, video and computer, our inflatable mattresses, duvets and pillows, a camping gas and a small barbecue portable. The trunk of our break was full! FYI, we used the Big Agnes tent (ultra light, perfect for trekking) and Quechua’s fresh & black tent (really good against the heat).