Things you must not miss in Amsterdam

Are you planning to travel to Amsterdam? If you are, surely you have many doubts that you would like to clarify. Find out what to see, where to eat, what are the best sleeping areas, basically what should you do when in Amsterdam? With this Amsterdam guide you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

  1. Cruise the channels

Built in the seventeenth century to keep the waters of the sea at bay, the belt of the canals of Amsterdam, protected by UNESCO, is the picturesque postcard par excellence of Amsterdam, and also offers incredibly beautiful views both day and night – at which time the bridges are illuminated with fairytale lights, and the whole area acquires a magical character Floating on the canals in a guided boat is the best way to get into the history of the city, and you will learn lots of interesting facts along the way. For example: that the houses inclined next to the canals are known as the dancing houses. You can choose from a large number of cruises on different channels, from “hop-on-hop-off” tours to night cruises by candlelight with dinner and wine. Discover more about cruises on the canals of Amsterdam and book your trip online now.

  1. Try the herring of a traveling cart

The herring may not sound very appetizing to the inexperienced, but each visitor to the city of Amsterdam should try it. You will see the haringhandels (herring cars), which serve this Dutch specialty, throughout the city. Ask for the “broodje haring” to serve the fish in a short sandwich with the pickles as well as onions. It is when it is said that the herring has its sweetest taste.

  1. Enjoy a beer tasting in a mill

In Amsterdam there are still eight windmills. The easiest to visit is the Gooyer, located in the OostelijkeEilanden neighborhood (Eastern Islands). And it is not just a mill: under the sails of this impressive monument the Brouwerij’t IJ is lodged; an award-winning artisan micro brewery with a huge open-air terrace and guided tours with a 30-minute tasting. This brewery produces a variety of organic and seasonal beers – including the “Columbus”, of 9º, and the amber malt beer; guarantee that it will blow its sails. Read more about beer tastings in Amsterdam and the best craft beer and micro beer breweries in the city.

  1. Wake up and smell the tulips

Yes, they are as cliché as the clogs are. But tulips are undoubtedly a symbol of Dutch culture, and a trip to the Netherlands would not be complete without feasting for sight with these beautiful flowers. The most famous place in Amsterdam to buy tulips and bulbs is the flower market – the only floating flower market in the world, located next to the Singel with its colorful flower stalls.