World’s Largest Food Multinationals

Everyone fancies some delicacies once in a while and ends up at a store to choose which honourable nominee will end up satiating the sweet tooth or inside the tummy. While there are many out there who will not even touch a pea because it is of a different brand, some do not care as long as it is… food. The world has known numerous food companies that strive to become the customer’s favourite ones through the years. Are you intending on going shopping this week? Make sure to keep an eye out for these top food companies known as the largest Food Multinationals of the world!

It is All About Nestle!

Nestle has a lifelong reign over the food industry, especially when sugar is the element of attraction. If you had to describe the food company in simple words, it will indubitably be sweets or chocolate or even the mother of mallows! This company has been at the top for many years, grossing more than $90 billion in revenue on April 2017. If you have an insatiable sweet tooth then you might be a fan of Nestle and a contributor to its revenues. On the Global 2000 of 2017, Nestle ends on rank 34 with its fabled cocoa! Well, it’s no mystery that Nestle is indeed a delight in the mouth… Why not seize the opportunity to try that creamy milky bar of Nestle? So close you can almost taste it!

Coca-Cola & Co.

If you had to rank the best soda in the world, without any doubt, Coca-Cola will end up on rank one. With a revenue of over $46.9 Billion, Coca-Cola has a long-lasting legacy of sizzling special events with its presence. Not only is the company one of the leading in the beverage industry, it is well-rated for its land-management and practices. It supports and sponsors many causes addressing women inequality and female empowerment. Good Guy Cola! You can be having the most boring supper ever but as soon as that refreshing Coca-Cola glass enters the scene, it is bound to go down your throat!

The Best Of The Best – Ferrero SpA

You might be trying to assume why it is named Ferrero SpA and not only Ferrero. Well, SpA stands for Società per Azioni which means a joint-stock company. As soon as you hear Ferrero, you visualise the scent and velvety feeling of Nutella or even the crispy and hazelnutty Ferrero Rocher! True since this company has not only excelled in producing high quality chocolates but is also the third biggest chocolate producer in the confectionery industry around the world. The company has released a huge assortment of deluxe chocolates including pralines like Raffaello, Mon Cheri, and Pocket Coffee. No festival is complete without Ferrero!

Fresh Veggies? Visit Dole

For some fresh and juicy fruits, it is right this way! Dole is the world’s leading vegetables and fruit supplier with $4.5 Billion in revenue last year. As the food company has been providing America with the best quality of veggies and fruits since 1851, it has indeed grown old tending the farms. The company markets different genre of berries; banana, grapes, strawberries and also offers frozen fruits and vegetables. Dole has founded the Dole Nutrition Institute that emphasises on nutritional research and education. Do not wait to take a big bite of the juicy fruits! Even if you do not have some at home, you can always have these marvels digitally on some amazing slots at Aspers Online Casino. With themes like Food & Fruits, the zesty entertainment is guaranteed!

A Step on The Chocolate Planet of Mars

Nope, it is not the actual planet we’re talking here. Mars Incorporated is the food processing company that has given birth to delicacies like Bounty Bars, Twix, Snickers, M&M’s and plenty more! Having engrossed more than $33 Billion in 2015, the company has inscribed its name as the 6th largest privately own company and a global confectionary manufacturer. Got pets? Rest assured, Mars also manufactures Pet food like Pedigree to satiate the cravings of your dear companion as well! However, it’s a fact, there is no way that you are going to end up on a Pedigree treat in a bag of M&Ms. Well, let’s hope so…

Have you tried one of these popular brands today? Check in your kitchen, promises are that you will definitely find one of these in your cupboard.